Aleksandr Zima

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Aleksandr Zima

  • Alternative Names: Sasha
  • Creation date: 1917
  • Generation: Unknown
  • Clan: Brujah
  • Sect Affiliation: Anarch
  • Current Location: Tampa, FL

General Information

Aleksandr Zima is a Brujah neonate who views the world through the lens of a mercenary. He believes that loyalty is only as valuable as the utility of the individuals or organizations to whom that loyalty is pledged. His worldview is the product of spending his mortal life in the thick of the turmoil surrounding the fall of Czarist Russia and the rise of communism.
He is open about both his loyalty to the movement, as well as, his willingness to see the Anarch movement crumble if it ceases to serve its purpose.
Though he is the leader of the St. Petersburg, Florida based gang "Mayhem", he currently he holds no formal position in The Movement. He prefers to support those around him for positions of authority so that he can remain outside of any power structure to allow him complete freedom of action.


Basic Timeline:

  • 1917 - Embraced in Moscow 31 October by Igor Vasiliev.
  • 1940 - Zima arrives in the US to assist with efforts to create an alliance between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in the face of the threat of Nazi Germany.
  • 1945 - Post World War II Zima waits in America for further instructions and conducts operation given by Council Members from afar.
  • 1968 - As the Justicariate permit princes to take whatever action is necessary to stop the spread of the Anarchs, Zima is attacked and knocked into torpor by Camarilla forces.
  • 1993 - Zima escapes from his captors and meets Angus Ox in the wilds of the northeastern United States. Unable to reach Russian Council, Zima learns from this Gangrel how to survive in the wild.
  • 1995 - Having developed a working relationship, Zima convinces to Ox to commit to the movement.
  • 2004 - Zima decides it is time to leave the wilds and takes up residence in St. Petersburg, Florida. He claims that it is sentimentality for the name, but other motivations are suspected.
  • 2014 - Ox and Zima begin recruiting others into their gang.



  • Sasha maybe a mercenary but he is all Brujah through and true! - Knox Brujah primogen of Raleigh NC
  • "He grounds me, reminds me of the fire that burns brightly in my veins. Keeps us vigilant, even amongst ourselves, for this...he has my trust." -Phillip Sevier

OOC Information

Player: Nick M. Thomas
Player Email:
Storyteller: A.J. Winters
Storyteller Email:
Location: Tampa, FL