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Name: Aleksandra Sofia Laskaris
Aliases: Aleksandra Sophia Vukovic, Leksi, Aleks
Rank: Athro
Deed Name: Shadows of Silver
Age: 30
Current Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Sept: Sept of the Gathering Tides
Pack and Position: The Menagerie


Homid Form: The spitting image of her mother, Aleksandra Laskaris takes more after the Greek Byzantine side of her heritage than the Croatian from her father's. Tall and slender, her frame is toned from years of honing and practice, her body built for stealth and speed above all. With long, dark hair and expressive hazel eyes, Aleksandra is a true beauty with a quick smile and a quicker wit, though in battle all of that melts away - replaced by a grim determination that few can match.

Crinos Form: Though rarely seen, Aleksandra's Crinos form is a sight to behold. With the shining silver-white fur of her birth tribe, her lithe, powerful war form stands out amid her sisters in grey or black, her eyes the same insightful hazel as in her homid form.

Lupus Form: In Lupus, Aleksandra resembles many a strong-blooded Silver Fang. While not an imposing size, her wolf form is lean and strong, covered in that same silver-white. What does stand out are the dark marks in her fur at her shoulders, Black Fury glyphs in black, present in all of her forms with fur - manifestations of the same markings tattooed on her shoulders in Homid.

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Apoc PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe:Black Furies
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Domain: Dark Desert

IC Email: Aleksandra Laskaris

Character Information


Aleksandra Laskaris is good-humored and quick-witted, but slow to trust, holding those that have earned her loyalty and admiration close. A tracker, hunter, and scout, Aleks takes her tasks in Gaia's defense seriously, leaving the humor and wit until after the threat has passed. Deep scars mark the woman's psyche, and all too often it shows.


Born in the dead of the night in November of 1986, under the darkness of the new moon, Aleksandra Sophia Vukovic spent the first years of her life in Thessaloniki, Greece with her mother Zoe - a theurge of great skill and wisdom, hailing from the Silver Fang House Wise Heart - and father Steven Vukovic. Aleks was never given much of a chance to know her mother, though, as her mother was killed when the girl was only four. Left to raise the girl alone, Aleks' father left Greece to put distance between himself and his wife's killer, placing his young daughter in the care of a kinfolk foster family in Chicago.

It was there that Aleks spent her formative years, growing up alongside another child placed in the family's care - a young Silver Fang boy named James La Coix. The two became inseparable, like brother and sister, relying on each other when they had no one else. Aleks saw little of her birth fater, save once a year when the man came to see her and teach her skills he felt she needed to survive on her own. Otherwise, Aleks had a normal life - school, friends, and her new family, wanting for very little.

In 2005, shortly after graduating High School, a trip with friends to Europe changed Aleksandra's life drastically. Her best friend killed, her girlfriend revealed to be an agent of the Wyrm, and armed men on her trail, Aleks finally came into her own - undergoing her First Change. With the power granted her by Gaia, and the survival skills learned from her father, Aleks narrowly survived until rescue came. The experience changed her, and she left behind her 'normal' life to throw herself into her new duties as Garou. When she fulfilled her rite of passage, she surprised everyone by choosing the Black Furies over the Tribe of her birth, feeling a stronger pull to her Greek heritage than anything else.

Ever since, Aleks has moved about, for quite a while with her younger brother in tow. Most recently, she has relocated to Puerto Rico, helping to establish a new Caern there.


  • 1986 - November 30th: Born in Thessaloniki, Greece to Zoe Laskaris and Steven Vukoja.
  • 1988 - Aleks' younger brother Alexios born.
  • 1990 - Zoe Laskaris is killed by her brother Aslan during a Challenge. Steven takes Zoe to Chicago, Illinois and gives her into the care of a kinfolk foster family.
  • 1996 - Aleks gets a new 'brother' when James La Coix is fostered with the same family.
  • 2005 - Aleks graduates from High School and undergoes her First Change while on a trip with frieds. The experience changes her profoundly.
  • 2006 - Undergoing her Rite of Passage, Aleks chooses the Black Furies over her birth tribe, the Silver Fangs.
  • 2008/2009 - Aleks is among those escorting the Talons of the Wyrm to the new location. Her group is attacked, and Aleks is nearly killed before the Talon of the Wyrm is destroyed by the Dark Brigade.
  • 2010 - Aleks takes part in the Battle for the Sept of the Crescent Moon.
  • 2014 - Aleksandra spends time on the Eastern Seaboard, near Virginia. Later that year, she is declared Athro, recovering a long-lost fetish bow of the Black Fury tribe in the process of completing her challenge. Following this, she follows her brother to Puerto Rico, together starting the pack Lux Tenebris.
  • 2016 - Aleks is present for the raising of Puerto Rico's new caern.

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  • "Sometimes family can be wielded against a person no less brutally or bitterly than a silver-wrought klaive. My cousin Aleksandra has felt the burn of that edge, and I have sworn to help her find her vengeance for that suffering. Yet she has left more pain in her wake than I think she cares to consider. I hope she learns sooner, rather than later, that not all actions motivated by suffering are just." - Ambrose Silverheart



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