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Outside the Lair
Pack: The Mystics


Initiated into the Sabbat
Blessed Triumphant Devout


Aleksei is a brutal bodyguard. She is cunning and extremely protective of her fellows. While she speaks few words, they are more often than not to the point. Her speech is gravelly with a European accent. While fearsome, she is always fair to those who have gained her loyalty, offering them cave candy as a little joke she made for herself and other Gargoyles. Trust always pay the agreed upon price.

Her motto, "A contract is a contract is a contract. You can pay with an arm or leg, just pay." She has learned one thing: so long as you are useful, you are worth living. She tends to treat everyone around her as either useful or not useful. Be useful or, as one [seeking tie] has found, be funny, but never willingly be not useful.

"Oi, Suka! You took my Patron's book. They are under contract. You can't have their things. Only I get things. They are mine. I'm going to let you go, I take arm as payment for life? ... You no want, to do that? Ok, Suka, I give you better deal: I take arm and leg because you are tricky. If you can make it back to your caravan, you can hex all you like. This is very fair, da? Curse, tricky thief."
- Aleksei
The Caverns
Notable Traits
  • Winged Gargoyle

Of course, she is no slave! Any limits that were carved into her have all worn away. In her eyes, she is better than those who were simply just born. Anyone could be made better and for her, she has been in war and lived. So obviously, being sculpted is better. It took someone who actually understood the spark that is imbued in a soul after it is reborn... When many become one and a new life is formed... That is when their life is given purpose. The earth is a womb and mother to all. That is how she was made... or so she was told Tragic ties sought. She has no knowledge of what she was before the improvement, but she gives thanks for the lessons her teacher taught her. She traveled to the icy places with mostly castles or stone to offer a haven.

  • Russia late 1800
  • German 1910
  • Italy 1920
  • Scotland 1950
  • Ireland 1970
  • Arizona 1990

Always on the move, waiting for her next job, Aleksei ensured much blood spills and many enemies die for anyone that would attempt to make her fail a job. Each job leading up to the big job war. There, she would find a way to free her kin. The Sabbat will help her kill the Ivory Tower and then the poor confused ones still left there in its tainted walls will be free.

"Oi, Marked one! You are Tremere no longer... Don't be like that they will kill you and me Same. See you is family so long as you drink from the cup. I tell you what next time we see those who would put chains on us. I say we take both arms they are not so good at cast without arms. Come on tis joke... Lighten up I tell you a joke you tell me one."
- Aleksei
The Job

Till then she would guard a songbird, 3 eyed, those who smelt of blood and spice or a cushy plushy noble type. They always paid the best.Seeking Ties Protecting one patron after another, she had enough favor gathered to buy her safe passage into the USA. The Vox one was good with words and making things happen, a good businessman. There, she waited in AZ until called to Texas. wWile lacking in grit, holds much stone under this ground. Limestone, they call it. Aleksei figures this is a good place to find clients. She takes great pride in her work, almost as much as she holds a strong dislike of anyone in Clan Ravanos, second only to her disdain for all things Camarilla or Tremere. Though those of the Sabbat are fine enough. After all, they also have slipped their shackles.

Between the Cracks
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  • "THEY. RODE. A. WARGHOUL. FUCKIN' EPIC. They didn't quite make the bell if you know what I mean, but I will never forget this even if I live centuries." - Carrie White
  • "A powerful warrior. Effective, trustworthy, and insightful. But do not let her martial focus and direct way of speaking convince you that she is not capable of great subtlety and maneuvering." - Raven Tempestarii
  • "Your quote." - Your Name
The Horde