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"If you shake my hand, better count your fingers." - Dave Mustaine


Leader; Deal broker.


Alessandro Luca Giovanni was born in 1557 in the outskirts of Reggio Calabria. As a young man he went to Messina to make a name for himself with the Mafia . Being a runner for the Mafia, he quickly formed a small gang that included his cousin Salvatore Giovanni. It was during this time a tragic accident happened that caused Alessandro to sight in an eye and injure his leg. Trolling the alleys, Alessandro, Salvatore and a few others from the gang were waiting for the next job causing general trouble. Something must have spooked some horses, because without warning a cart started barreling down the alley. They all raced to get out, much to his dismay Alessandro was behind everyone else. The seemly endless alley confined them, all the while Alessandro could feel the breath of the horses on his neck. As the alley finally opened up into a courtyard, he could see as the other members of his gang dodged to the right or left. His muscles ached, but fearing the the sound of hooves would be the last thing he heard, Alessandro made one last leap into the warm embrace of the sun outside the alley. Unbeknownst to him, Salvatore stayed at the mouth of the alley waiting in an attempt to help. Right as Alessandro came out of the alley, Salvatore pushed him out of the way of the rampaging horses. While this saved Alessandro life, Salvatore was always bigger than the rest of the gang, and with adrenaline pumping he shoved him much harder than intended. That, mixed with the momentum that Alessandro had already had, caused him to topple over and hit a nearby pillar. It was quickly discovered that his left eye was damaged, as well as his right leg. While this would have prevented most from being fully accepted, Alessandro refused to quit and even exceled. His guile and ruthlessness caught the eye of some in the Giovanni, finally earning him a spot in the Family.

Using his perceived weakness due to his injuries as a strength, Alessandro started to pick up the mantle of ruthless negotiator. Members of his Lineage started molding him. Being able to read people, lie and if needed intimidate were all tools he taught to Alessandro over the years. While working with other members of his Lineage, he spent many years in his home region building influence in Reggio Calabria, Scilla and Messina.

His reputation proceeds him, upon recommendation from some of the other of his Lineage, he is asked to form a small group of Giovanni to stake a hold in the area known as Owensboro, Kentucky.


1557 - Mortal birth
1570 - 1590 - His natural charisma and drive gets him noticed by the Family in Sicily. He becomes a runner for the Family controlled Mafia in Messina. During this time he forms a small gang, which most notably included Salvatore Giovanni. They start having high hopes for the two of them.
1593 - A tragic accident permanently injures Alessandro. It is blamed on Salvatore and he becomes indentured to Alessandro.
1598 - Impressing the Family by continuing to expand his influence and loyalty to the Family first and the Mafia second, Alessandro is ghouled.
1683 - Embraced into the Family
1713 - Released from Accounting.
2017 - 2018 - He is sent to the new world with other members of his Lineage to expand the base of the Giovanni and the IA. He becomes Don and Emissary of Owensboro, KY.
2018 - Alessandro relinquishes the title of Don to Athanosios, becoming his Capo. Once the Independent Alliance was created, Alessandro became Virago.
2019 - Alessandro relinquishes the Virago and became the Don of Owensboro again.

Historical Events Witnessed

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Kindred Allies


  • "Alessandro is a competent negotiator and shrewd in social interactions. Underestimate him at your peril." - Athanosios Constantinus Giovanni tis grammis Jovian
  • "At first I was unsure how we would get along and what to do but in time I have come to rely on him and his ability to help me to handle things in a little less violent way. I would not underestimate his worth and I would remember he helps control my more inhumane desires." - Layla Masika
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Alessandro Luca Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: Owensboro, KY
Player: Peter Sims - US2017080066
VST: Owensboro VST