Alessandro Rossellini

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Alessandro Rossellini

  • Embrace date: -
  • Generation: -
  • Clan: Giovanni
  • Sire: Massimo Giovanni
  • Path: Humanity
  • Sect Affiliation: Independent Alliance
  • Current Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

General Information

Alessandro is Isabella’s mortal son. He was a Steelworker & mob enforcer in Hamilton in his youth - wrangling the Italians who worked in the mills - for his parents who were instrumental in bringing unionization into industry in Hamilton. He drew the attention of The Don as a good strongarm, and in an attempt to disrupt any plans for power that the Rossellini may have had (or that he was paranoid enough to believe that they had) he had Alessandro embraced by his childe Massimo Giovanni.

Titles and Accolades

  • N/A

This is a Southern Ontario DPotM NPC under control of the Katharsis and Dire Epiphany VSTs