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WhiteWolfWiki-Ragabash.png OneInchSpacer.png Silent Striders
Deed Name: Bends Rules While Smiling
Pronouns: They, Them, Their
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Silent Strider
Pack: The Pack of the Left-Handed Compliment
Rank:: Cliath

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Alex is a somewhat stocky person of mostly indeterminate gender, with blond hair long enough to tie back, and blue eyes that usually are laughing. They tend towards knee-high leather boots and kilts, and often have a few streaks of blue in their hair.


Alex hides a lot of determination and the fact that they’re still having trouble finding their feet in werewolf society behind a laughing exterior. They’ll go quiet when they’re unsure of themselves, but aren’t afraid to ask what seem to be the stupid questions under the guise of helping others realize their plan is terrible. Endlessly curious, they’re likely to wind up in trouble and seem (thus far) to find their way out again.

Alex Curious.jpg

Known Information

Alex grew up on the renaissance faire circuit with an aunt and three cousins. Their aunt did leatherwork, making bodices and jerkins and such, and Alex learned from her. Alex didn’t know anything about werewolf society before they underwent first change March 28, 2017.

Personal History

Alex remembers little of their early years except that it always involved travel and the renaissance faires. They remember their father kissing them goodnight one night and telling them to be good for their aunt, and they never saw him again. They’ve never stayed in one spot for longer than a month or the run of a faire, and even before First Change had a serious case of wanderlust and itchy feet. Right now they seem inclined to circle New England, around the pack that adopted them.

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Alex is unaware of any family ties they might have beyond their adoptive family.


Alex’s pack is made up of Damir and Láng. Alex tends to be quiet about what roles they fill in the pack or what the pack does at all.



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  • They’ve threatened to carve out the relevant organs if people don’t use their chosen pronouns.
  • They’ve been known to use this argument to make males twitch.
  • Alex is harmless. What?!? It looks like you don't believe me.
  • feel free to add your own


  • Discussing Alex: “So, they’re like a cat?” Travis
“No. They’re like a herd of cats.” - Aiden D'Arcy
  • "Child, step outside. It's warm and comfortable behind your threshold, yes, but you're missing the bright sunshine." - 'Spector



Ties Sought

I'm pretty open to ideas. I'd especially love ties with people who also were on the renaissance faire circuit.

Contact Info

Player: Rhys O.
Domain: MA-003-D

VST: Dan C