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The Dragon


Name: Alex "The Bringer of Storms" Drake

"I shine as the moon does among the lesser fires. The moon is full tonight. Grandfather Thunder is watching me. I cannot sleep. I cannot sleep. All I can do is stare at the golden eye that gazes down at our estate.The most wretched, most degraded, crippled, beggar meth addict in this valley can sleep tonight, but I cannot. The Dragon is watching me. No, I am not mad. No, for I know what I am saying. All I know is fate. I exist as no man has existed before and I exist as no man will ever exist again. Therefore I am fate. Therefore, I am a God."

"Why do I do what I do? I simply am. Battles need no purpose. Battle is its own purpose. No one asks why plagues spread or cities burn. I don't think there's a reason why I am."

Known About:

Aleksander was born in Cleveland, Ohio. A first generation American to Russian immigrant parents who clung to many of the ideals of their homeland. He grew up with a mix of modern American ideals and old world Russian acceptances of the willingness to do whatever you had to in order to survive. As a boy he was intelligent, willful, and curious. This extended to all areas of his life, from school to girls, and he excelled with both. As a young man he was easy going and charming. His first girlfriend was an older beauty who suffered an unspeakable death after the two of them shared an intimate moment.

Some years later Alex Changed. This hardened him like fire tempers steel. He becomes resolute, competitive to the point of aggression, and displays a genuine lack of concern for the feelings of others, except for a select few. He focuses this new found drive on his education; clawing his way through his undergrad studies at the University of Virginia, then Law School at Duke University where he earns his JD.

The drive in life does not seem to translate to relationships. A string of hopeless tragedies seems to follow him in love, leaving women fallen like autumn leaves in his wake.

Blurb about Alex

Blurb about Alex

Public Timeline and Locations:

  • Date, Location, Summary

September, 2018: Becomes Sept Alpha of The Sept of the Found (Later to be renamed as The Sept of Reborn Hope), Blacksburg, Virginia
February, 2019: Steps down as Sept Alpha and becomes Rite Master of The Sept of Reborn Hope, Blacksburg, Virginia
June, 2019: Once again becomes the Sept Alpha of The Sept of Reborn Hope

His Keep

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  • Alex has 26 dead ex-girlfriends
  • Alex has a pet dragon
  • Alex smokes Davidoff cigarettes
  • Alex has a sadomasochistic streak and quietly enjoys both the pain he feels when a relationship ends, and the broken hearts he leaves behind.
  • Several national political positions wouldn't have happened without his involvement.
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  • "Agnaar and I have a history. That history is none of your affair." - Sylvi Anker
  • "He is a capable companion to have at your side, but you should not expect him to remain there." - Rødefingre
  • "Alex is the most dangerous man I know, yet I always feel safe with him." Lilly Rodonovich
  • Clears her throat but says nothing. - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Quite interesting. I do hope to get to know him better." - Josephine "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "Seems nice on his own, but he lives in his own little important world. He's a fairy tale stranded in the real world." - Matthew "Foxhole" Levine
  • "I have many things to say about this man. One - If you need something done, he's the guy to hire. Two - He is not blind to valuable allyships." - Elizabeth Tvarivich
  • "He is pretty funny. Soon I will get to see how he fights and I look forward to it!" - Thorin "Blood Reaver" Ljungborg
  • "He might be the most human-passing of the gathered here in Des Moines. Strange criteria to apply to someone, but it's true. Every now and then my ears catch another easy joke from him, and I smile." - 'Spector
  • "He invited me over to his place to "Netflix and chill." I was totes looking forward to this. He wasn't kidding. We watched Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut. I was watching Tom Cruise flirting with a hooker and I'm all "I waxed my legs for this?" Of course, he also invited me to stay for breakfast. That made up for everything." - Lovetta, Fianna Kinfolk
  • "Mr. Drake is a man of many layers the depths of which I doubt many will ever find the bottom of." - Bleeding Truth
  • "He is stalwart and true. I've seen him at war, as a leader, and as a ritualist. The Nation is better with him in it." - Spins Silver
  • "He promised to try my food next time he is back and I will try his soon. This makes up for not eating my food at the wedding." - Dances in the Twilight Waves
  • "Guy's got scars. Superficial ones have some neat party tricks, but the deeper ones paint a pretty nice fuckin' picture." - Brandy


But it's not forever . . . But it's just tonight . . . Oh we're still the greatest

Leaving her screams, breaking my heart . . . And in the grip of fire, I knew the death of love

A rabid wolf in a shawl . . . a razor's edge to the rule . . . that the stars over all . . . were never destined to last

Blood keeps drinking away . . . certain of its destination . . . driving through New Orleans at night . . . gotta find a destination . . . Just one fix . . .

I do the things you never could . . . And we will never be equal

Look through these blackened eyes . . . You'll see ten thousand lies . . . My lips may promise but my heart is a whore

At times I'm truly terrified . . . Cause dope and booze don't help to hide . . . They're used to mask a weakling's hurt . . . It's just like painting over dirt

Redesigning a connection . . . A composition painted on my face . . . With a smile drawn on

I [sleep with] you to make the pain go away.

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OOC Information

Player: Jack Hambly

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Storyteller: Ricky Zimmerman

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Location: New River Valley, Virginia