Alex Kurgarrû

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Bullets delivered at the velocity of your choice.
I am going to prepare the way for you, so that where I am going you may follow.
folded hands; right hand: fingerless leather glove; left hand: chrome nail polish and a green, eight-pointed star

IC statblock

Name: Alex the Kurgarrû

Pronouns: he/his or ze/hir depending on context

Traits / Job: see résumé (For Hire!) Pursuing Golconda

Clan: Ishtarri, a Toreador bloodline that was independent until the 1980s

Society: Autark, the better to trade with you as a neutral party Laibon

Base of Operations: Chicago, IL . . . but perhaps moving to Enoch soon

OOC statblock

Player: Michael "Alan" Thomas II

Player Email: Click here

Storyteller: Steven Atchley

Storyteller Email: Click here

Domain: Chicago, IL

a green, eight-pointed star


Alex is an Ishtar worshipper and artistic devotee of gun fu. He was a traveling "legitimate" arms dealer embraced after the Ishtarri opened up to the outside world. He prefers to stay Autarkis in order to trade more neutrally with the three non-Sabbat sects, but this makes him only tenuously protected by the local authorities.

If he had a Colt Commando service revolver, he would name it "Alice."

  • 1955: Is born Alexander [REDACTED] in St. Louis
  • 1991: is Embraced while scouting for expanded North African arms markets
  • 1991–199X: Learns how to be a vampire, begins worshipping Ishtar, changes his name to Alex Kurgarrû
  • 199X–1999: Is a traveling arms trader, making connections in the Kindred world
  • 1999–2012: Is still wandering, but now fights against the Sabbat
    • Known theaters of operations: Illinois, Georgia
  • 2012–2017: Is a traveling arms trader, making connections in the Kindred world
  • 2017: Moves to Chicago


  • He's actually a Caitiff and is just using an uncommon, unverifiable bloodline as a cover.
  • His art form is actually origami; he makes a paper crane for every person he kills or torpors.
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  • Try paying Ambassador T.V. for a look at Alex's boon list for a selection of satisfied customers.
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Alex's "artistic inspiration" shelf (IC and OOC)