Alexander Alexin

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Alexzander Alexin

Apparent Age:

Deed Name: Jabber Jaw

Rank: Fostern


Breed: Homid

Fera" Ratkin

Auspice: Tunnel Runner

Sept: The Sept of the White Fields

Notable Traits: He is always wearing a stereotypical Magicains outfit, minus the cape.


Magician Alexander Alexin aka ZANDER THE MAGNIFICENT is a Ratkin Ragabash who, well is a somewhat famous Magician/Comedian. He grew up in a large family consisting of siblings, cousins and other kinfolk. So it was hard for him to stand out. It wasn’t until he watched Harry Houdini that he fell in love with magic, the non-magical magic. He read books, watched videos and slowly even learned real magic from some of his older family members. At the age of 8 he had his first gig for his family. 13 he was doing gigs for birthday parties. 18 he was performing on stage in front of large audiences. When he was 23 he held his first ever sold out performance. The day after that he had his first change. Good news is they were heading towards the next performance and were staying near the woods. Bad news is some hunters, mortal hunters not supernatural hunters, mistook him for prey and shot him. He was rushed to the hospital where the surgery was successful in removing the bullets. However they said he was dead for all of 15 seconds. Because of this, after he left the hospital, he found God… for a week; then Odin until he found out he was a real person, then Buddha, Shiva, Ra… then he tried using a OUIJA board, and pissed off some semi-powerful spirit. He hasn’t really recovered from that yet. That was three years ago. He has was always trying new things between tours, and failing, but now, after the OUIJA board incident, he has been known to be easily angered at his failings. Last year he joined the sept but is still doing tours in the area.


  • So and So says that he is having sex with his Stage Assistant
  • Add any here you want


  • Ivanka Alexin; Stage Assistant and First Cousin
  • Anton Alexin; Manager and Second Cousin

OOC Information

Player: William "Jack" Gallagher

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Storyteller: Joshua C Smith

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Location: Springfield, MA, MA-005-D