Alexander Igorivich

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General Information

Alexander Igorivich.jpg

Name: Alexander Igorivich
Deed Name: Twice Bitten
Rank: Fostern
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Silver Fang
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
House: Wise Heart
Lodge: Sun
Lineage: Clan Zorja

Notable Traits:

  • Heroic Lineage (Silver Fang)
  • Bitten

Words and People


  • "Papa has long been one of the strongest people I know. After watching him suffer through the Bite... I believe he may be one of the strongest Garou in the Nation." - Kassandra Vassos
  • "Alex wears many faces, the most used is the one of thoughtful introspect, so you do not know if he is just thinking to himself or silently judging you. But sometimes he wears other faces, faces most do not see. I have seen the face of joy, of sorrow and once, just once, I saw fear. I wonder which one he feels the most, and I wonder the more why I haven't seen the one that is more like our kind, Rage. Do all these other faces just mask this missing one?" - Aki
  • "Add your own." - Name


  • He's not actually bitten, he had changed before one of his children tried to bite him. He just faked it and now uses this as leverage to guilt his children into behaving.
  • Between The Fool and The Truthcatcher, he's the nicer, approachable, one.
  • Has a grand klaive he intends to leave to his one of his children. Once he figures out who bit him he'll be giving it to the other one.
  • He has a secret love of macaroni casserole

Player Information

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