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Commonly Known Information

Name: Alexander Iscariot

Pack: Category:Masquerade / Sabbat Pack / Misfit Toys

Clan: Pander

Sect: Sabbat


Titles: Ductus of Misfit Toys


Theme Song: Ready to Die - Andrew W.K.

Character Inspiration: Alexander Anderson: A Hellsing X Hamilton Parody



  • March 1970: Is born in UVM Medical center.
  • July 1995: While walking home from work Alexander is attacked by a vampire and is embraced, he awakens having no idea what has happened to him or why it has happened.
  • 1995-1999: Surprisingly Alexander survives his unexpected embrace and survives as a mercenary using his skill in combat, he does not join a sect having little interest in the political structure.
  • July 1999: Alexander finds himself in a Camarilla held city just in time for the local Prince to declare that all unclaimed Caitiff to be destroyed, despite his skills he finds himself badly injured and is saved by a group of Sabbat. Out of a sense of gratitude and obligation he joins the Sabbat soon after.
  • 2000: Learns of the betrayal in Cleveland to Clan Nosferatu and become enraged swearing to never spare another Camarilla Nosferatu.
  • 2006: Is attacked once again for his clan by one the pogroms sent against Caitiff, fights back and diablerizes one of his attackers.
  • December 2017: Migrates into Springfield.


  • Alexander was never inducted into the Sabbat
  • Alexander can't control himself when feeding and will drain anything he bites
  • Alexander served a Camarilla Prince
  • Alexander is a serial Diaberist who scars himself for each soul
  • Alexander is the reason Alcoan stepped down as Vicar of the Moderates


From Alexander

About Alexander

  • "He caught my eye, so I approached him. I sat with him, we spoke about a lot of things, and I wanted to know more. Over the time he has been here, I can't lie and say I haven't watched him. I've been so proud to see him become a part of this city, protecting it and our brothers and sisters with a passion I've never seen. Then there was that night... we drove home and I could feel his nerves shake the atoms in the air... and I think I saw a side of him not often shown. I sit here now hoping he'll give me another glimpse into his soul... But I have to admit that he's invaded mine." - Valerie Evans
  • "He is a hothead, or well. A very passionate Cainite. I saw him in Mexico City speaking his mind as a Pander and a Moderate." - Emilia Odobleja

OOC Information

Player: Jamie Tazelaar

Player Email:

Storyteller: Craig Bonner

Storyteller Email:

Location: MA-005-D