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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Alexander Jonas Morningkill

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Silver Fang

Noble House: Wyrmfoe

Deed Names: Look to the Dawn, The Righteous Backhand of Gaia, He who Fights While Hungover, the Maker of Rain

Notable Traits:

  • Built like a brick house, much like a professional linebacker would be.
  • Is a spitting image of Jonas Albrecht, and also bares a resemblance to Darius Isaiah Morningkill
  • Fame 3 (Former star linebacker at the University of British Columbia turned into hero for stopping a plane hijacking at Vancouver International Airport)
  • Walks with a noticeable limp
  • Has an incredibly successful fitness vlog on Youtube

Legendary Lineage: Jonas Albrecht/Jacob Morningkill

Pack: Alpha of The Changing Times

Sept: Better Options

Position: Alpha




Born into royalty, Alexander was groomed from a young age, much like his cousin Darius Isaiah Morningkill to take over as heads of the house. But where Darius embraced the idea, Alex shunned the responsibility of it all, instead using his lineage and riches to enjoy the finer things in life. From stealing his father's Porsche at twelve (and the subsequent "boys will be boys comment from the police"), to multiple fights in private school, to carousing in university, Alexander never missed a chance to enjoy life while thumbing nose at tradition.

His high school years were tumultuous, with rumours flying around everywhere that he got his girlfriend pregnant, and that's why she had to move away. He was never the same after that, shedding any sort of gentlemanly persona.

In between high school and post secondary, his family set him up with a young and up and coming kinfolk by Evelynn Paget. They were quickly married, with the hopes that marital bliss would finally calm him down. It didn't. There was never any true love there, and the entire marriage felt like going through the motions. After a year the marriage ended, and Alex was gone from Evelyn's life. The couple did conceive a child however, Isaiah Jacob Morningkill, who currently lives with his mother in Utah.

After high school and a failed marriage, Alex was shipped to California to stay with relatives, eventually joining Sonoma State University and becoming one of their star football players. While there rumours once again flew of several sordid relationships with staff and students, including members of the cheerleading team. While his reputation never really faltered, he mysteriously was pulled out of school in his second year.

He was then transferred to the University of British Columbia, where it was thought the milder Canadian climate would calm him down. Unfortunately for his family, Alex has become somewhat of a citywide celebrity with his antics. On top of being UBC's star linebacker, who scouts say can become the best linebacker in the NFL, but his socialite and carousing ways have drawn the ire of the tribe. Elders are starting to come down on him, with a line up of eligable kinfolk being presented to him for a mate, and "suggestions" about settling down looking as though they will soon become "orders."


* "I'll never understand Darius, guy's always so stuck up on honour and duty. Me, I figure we're young why not enjoy the finer things in life while we can? Parties, women, fast cars, more women... You know, finer stuff." -Alex
* "Love me or hate me both are in my favor...If you love me, I'll always be in your heart...If you hate me I'll always be in your mind" - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
* "This guy. What an asshole. He might be good in bed but it is so not worth it when Darius is better in literally every way." - Leah "Strides Forward" Morningkill
* "Alexander? Yeah, he’s decent enough. If you ignore the his over-inflated ego, his self-centered attitude, the way he looks down on everyone else, his insufferable smugness, and his utter lack of responsibility." - Darius Morningkill
* “Alex, it’s a fucking battle, not a Rugby match!!” - Darius Morningkill
"Alex is a good kid. I hope he lives long enough to outgrow his bravado and showboating. When he's not being utterly obnoxious and flaunting his standing and wealth, he is actually quite clever and competent as a warrior and leader... Don't tell him I said that, though. I'll not be responsible for his ego inflating further." - Sings in Defiance
"I appreciate his attitude toward fulfilling his duty. I even appreciate his flair...we can't all be broody and serious every day." ~Dagmar Nielsen *"What? No, that’s not... Fuck. Fuck fuck FUCK! God damnit, it was supposed to be me!! You... dumb heroic bastard. It was supposed to be me.." ~Darius Isaiah Morningkill - Upon hearing of Alex’s Death
*"I cannot tell you how often Natasha and I sought to terrorize him, and Darius, in the vain hope that they might conform to the things their parents wanted instilled in them. Headstrong, determined, joyful...he was everything he ought to have been and more. The Nation paid a painful price in losing him; we all know that he would not have had it any other way, all the same." ~The Road to Hell

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* Whatever the reason for his high school girlfriend moving, it wasn't because she was pregnant
* While coming off as an uncultured "bro," he secretly is incredibly smart
* Has savory and VERY unsavory connections to #SquadGoals
* Was pulled out of Sonoma University because his family found out he had feelings for a Bastet
* His ex-wife is the only Kinfolk who he's ever seen as more than a servant

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Songs to remind you of his greatness</h5>

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