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=== Commonly Known Information ===
Riley Photo.jpg

Name: Alexander Riley

Notable Traits: Paragon. Neonate Machiavellian Prodigy

Class: Ancillae

Clan: Ventrue

House Kardos

Sire Phaedra de Chalons


Ventrue Only: Dignitas

  • Epic: Paragon.
  • Epic: 7 Backgrounds at level 5.
  • Major: Master of Puppets.
  • Major: Vassalage.
  • Minor: Sheriff of Phoenix.


Alexander is a younger kindred so it does not seem difficult to find the basic facts on him. Alexander is known to be a twin. His identical twin brother is his ghoul. Alexander was raised in Phoenix, AZ, but was embraced in (TBA). His sire originally ghouled both Alexander and his brother and it is rumored that she forced them to compete with one another for the embrace.

In modern nights, Alexander is known for his control over the mortal world. He is considered a Paragon of the Ventrue, an ardent supporter of the Camarilla, and completely loyal to his clan. On the other hand, he has shown no compunctions about cooperating with Anarchs or Independents, preferring merit and skill in his associates with regards to his business dealings.

Alexander often comes off as cold and calculating. He is known to be rather quiet and contemplative, rarely moved to act without careful consideration of all available options. But, sometimes, just a glimpse will show through of the fires that burn inside him. He is always pushing himself harder than those around him, even if there is no evident source of a competition.


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  • Alexander has a passionate hatred for hunters, but the reason is not clear.
  • His twin is named Dominic. Dominic hates Alexander, and only the blood bond has kept them from trading blows.
  • While he is knee deep in manipulating mortals and money, Alexander doesn't actually like mortals at all, and finds them disgusting.


OOC Information


Player: Matt B.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Leah H.

Storyteller Email: DMH VST

Location: Phoenix, AZ