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Janai Alexander Short


Alternative Names: Alexander Short
Born: 1100 CE
Embrace date: 1122 CE
Generation: 5th
Clan: Tremere
In Service to: Etrius
Sire: Meerlinda
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
Current Location: The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade
ST Point of Contact: AANST Camarilla
ST Point of Contact: AANST Tremere Gargoyle
ST Point of Contact: United Kingdom (WTG)


Physical Description

Alexander Short is a thin African woman with a high collarbone. She keeps her hair short and wears simple modest clothing most often associated with the “Blue Collar” worker. She endeavors to blend in and enjoys being underestimated. She often omits her first name in correspondence, and enjoys turning the tables on people’s expectations. She has perfected a thick “Brummie” accent, which she also uses to her advantage.

Brief History

Born on a ferry between England and Ireland in 1100, her mother did not live through the journey. Alexander Short was raised by her father who was a butcher of birds. He had several clients in urban England who kept squab on their rooftops. She would travel with him and help him work, and she saw all the great cities of England from the rooftops. Of course the roofs weren’t very high, and most of the clients lived in castles. She learned that some birds would return if released and the nobles used them to send messages. She became a student of these birds. Her craft was in high demand.

Alexander Short wasn’t simple like her father. She was greedy. She learned the language of the messengers. She learned forgery. She learned about bribery. She learned about politics. She would sell her services.

In 1122 when Ralph d'Escures, the archbishop of Canterbury died, she delayed the information spreading for almost a week. This lead to a sound political defeat for Meerlinda, whose enemies had paid to have the message delayed. Meerlinda sought out the weak link in her information and found Janai, who impressed her. She indoctrinated her into Clan Tremere.

Alexander Short is an old Tremere, having been embraced on the one hundredth anniversary of the clan founding. Meerlinda hand-picked Alexander Short to start a new chantry in the growing areas of Canada. She proved themselves capable in finance and in sorcery when it came to the nickel mines of Sudbury. Alexander Short was given the right of embrace over Yasha Wellhouse and moved back to her beloved England where she became Pontifex.

Astute apprentices will notice that Janai keeps messenger pigeons and trained ravens on the roof of her chantry.

Chantry Description

Among the pre-Raphaelite masterpieces, Alexander Short has ordered her chantry to remain hidden. Disguised as cleaners and construction workers at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the cranes and ongoing construction work hide a labyrinth of cells that Alexander Short uses for study and experimentation.

Known Childer

Known Lords

Known Acolytes, Apprentices, Magisters

Alexander Short has a fully staffed chantry inside the the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.


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