Alexandra Tenebris

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Alexandra Tenebris
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Name:Alexandra Tenebris
Position:Archbishop of San Marcos
Pack:Shadow Symphony


Authority, Glorious, Ordained

Twice Loyal, Honorable, Battle-scarred, Devout


Alexandra Tenebris is the current Archbishop of San Marcos and has been since chosen for the position by Ryan Avildson after he won a Monomacy to decide the position.

"I do not live in darkness. The darkness lives in me."
- Unknown
Further Information
Notable Traits
  • On a Path of Enlightenment
  • Speaks Gaelic frequently among allies
  • What have you heard?
  • "I have yet to see Alexandra of the Twins in combat. However, she has held her position as Bishop of War for many years and has yet to face a challenge. That speaks of her talents." - Zână
  • "She stands before all as Bishop, she will lead the Sword within her Diocese or be taken down to strengthen the Sword. Personally, I know she can lead, and I enjoy seeing those that speak ill eat their words later."- Gabriel Thompson
  • "In life, I never knew such terrible beauty could exist before meeting with the twins Tenebris, so I consider myself grateful to have known them in my death." - David Zimmerman
  • "Competent equally as a Bishop of War and in unspoken threat." - Ansel
  • "She's worth the time away from my work to support her and her diocese - so long as she doesn't let every shovel head who operates under the delusion they are clever and untouchable walk all over her. Again." - Pierce Cross
  • "She fucking ripped her lungs out, dude! That's some fucking metal as fuck shit right there! I kind of wanted to throw up, but damn. She's hardcore, no doubt." - Britney Daye
  • "Your quote." - Your Name