Alexandria Taylor

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Name: Alexandria Taylor
Clan: Followers of Set

Generation: 11th
Sect: Independent Alliance

Using charm and a honest smile, Alexandria enjoys listening to people's stories. Moving from Houston to Austin a few years ago, she is still finding her footing in the IA.

"Miss Taylor is a wonderful companion to bring to tea parties. Always full of wonderful information and juicy gossip, and you know I just love gossip." - Lillian Chandler
"I haven't talked to her much, but she's pretty hot. I mean, which of her clan isn't?" - Britney Daye
"My granddaughter is a gift to our lineage. Her youthful exuberance and utter lack of caution reminds me of a different time in my life. But the things I cherish most are her sharp mind and insightful wit." Djeserit al Malik, Priestess and Doyen of Houston
"First off don't call her fucking Alex. You might hear me do it, but that's for me, not you. Also, I've seen some of you looking. You just make sure that it's only your eyes wandering. I don't want to have to Fuck you up." Paddy Murphy, Viper and Guardian of the Sacred Spaces of Houston
"If you like wanna like know what a honeypot is, like, duh, look right there." - Karma
"Drug-addled adventures are generally better when there's actual drugs involved. Still, she's got a body that makes people look her way, and that's pretty damn useful." - Turmoil
"What a delightful, uplifting presence. Hardly surprising, considering her lineage." - Liliana

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Yael Naim-Toxic[1]

Alexandria Taylor

Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Melanie Green
MES Number: US2014070086
Location:Austin, TX