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Name: Alexios Laskaris
Aliases: Alex, Xios
Rank: Fostern
Deed Name: Falcon's Cry
Age: 28
Current Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Pack and Position: War Leader of Lux Tenebris


Homid Form:Like his sister, Alexios takes after the Greek Byzantine side of his mother’s side of the family more than the Croatian heritage of his father. Tall and athletic, Alexios is built like a swimmer, lean and streamlined, though not without a surprising degree of nimbleness to his frame. Short, wavy brown hair and grey eyes highlight a classically handsome face, still appearing quite youthful in his early twenties at the latest thanks to the slow aging of his tribe.

Crinos Form: Alexios doesn’t often use his war form, instead preferring to fight in glabro most of the time, but when he does, there is no questioning what tribe he belongs to. A shock of charcoal grey runs along his back, giving way to a luxurious silver coat that runs for most of his body before fading to a platinum grey along his belly and inner thighs and arms.

Lupus Form: Though still lean in his Lupus form, Alexios is still very much a Large wolf like the rest of his Silver Fang brethren. Much like in his Crinos form, there is no questioning his tribal affiliation in this form as the luxurious silver greys of the silver fangs run through and through across his body. Like others of his tribe he has an extra ruff of fur about his neck, a regal reminder of his heritage in a darker charcoal grey.

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Apoc PC

Player: Nathaniel Rankin
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe:Silver Fangs
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
Domain: MES Virtual

IC Email:

Character Information


Alexios is an affable and relaxed sort of guy most of the time, confident in his abilities almost to a fault. Alexios has a deep distaste for the Wyrm, violently so as if he has been personally affronted and pursues the Wyrm and its minions with a single minded ferocity that one would expect more from an Ahroun than a Philodox. In general he is often mistaken for an Ahroun for his more warlike tendencies, but they tend to run towards the protective rather than the aggressive, defending those he cares about, protecting his allies and ensuring the safety of those who have his loyalty and are loyal to him.


Alexios was born under the half moon in April of 1988 to Zoe Laskaris and Steven Vukovic in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was sadly a home that Alexios would never remember, for his mother was tragically killed when he was two years old. Alexios sisters, twins who were two years his elder and his father left, but through circumstances beyond his understanding he was separated from them and taken into the care of his Uncle, the Elder Silver Fang Galliard Aslan ‘Lion’s Silver Tongue’ Laskaris. Aslan packed the young Alexios off to Istanbul to join him and his pack there where they joined the local sept. It was here that Aslan raised Alexios as his own under his strict, authoritarian rule. Aslan spent a lot of time teaching Alexios the history of his family line, of their ancestors and their accomplishments, instilling in the young boy a need to live up to his family name. Over time Aslan and Alexios’ relationship became more and more strained. Alexios had had a grudging respect for Aslan, but did not actually like his uncle all that much. However the two began butting heads more and more over time. Then in 2006 on his way back to the caern after school he ran into someone from his past and underwent his First Change. It was only with the experienced guidance of another that he got through his first change without causing wide spread damage, but something happened during that encounter that changed him in more ways than the obvious. He left Istanbul suddenly, disappearing without a word to Aslan or his pack only to turn up again in Chicago sometime later, reunited with his older sister Aleksandra. Since then Alexios has traveled around, mostly staying around with his sister, though at times the two have butted heads and he has gone off on his own only to be reunited with her once more. He eventually moved to Puerto Rico where he fought in the battle to defend the Sept of the Silver Passage, though the sept and caern were ultimately destroyed. He then fought two months later to establish the new caern in Puerto Rico.


  • 1988 - Alexios born April 18th
  • 1990 - Alexios’s mother Zoe was killed at the hands of Aslan in a challenge over a book.
  • 1990 - 2006, Alexios is raised by Aslan as his own son. They live in Istanbul during this period, though Aslan frequently travels to United States and Puerto Rico, occasionally taking Alexios with him.
  • 2006 - May 17th, Alexios has his first change after learning the truth of his mother’s death. Leaves to live with his sisters in Chicago.
  • 2008-2014 Traveled the east coast. During this time, Alexios encountered a small sept, largely run by stargazers. It was while he was here that he discovered a threat to their kinfolk and cubs while their main pack was out on a mission. He helped to organize the defense of the cubs and kinfolk. He was fairly badly wounded during the defense, but managed to help repel it. His actions earned him the praise of the septs leader and as he recovered he began to learn more about the Stargazers. By the time he was better the leader decided to teach him Dance of the Heavens as a thank you, for his efforts for his tribe and sept.
  • 2014 Comes to Puerto Rico to join the Sept, remembering fondly trips to the House of the Wise.

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  • "My cousin Alexios was still a boy when I firsted, and was brought to meet him. It felt like reuniting my own brothers and sisters from the pack I was born to. My urge with him, as it was with them, was to protect him, to guide him, and to bring him what joy I could. I still hope to guide him when he has need, and to bring him joy when I am able, but he has shown himself to be the embodiment of courage. He needs no protection from me any longer... but if he should ever come to, he will surely have it." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "I met Alexios when I married his cousin Caleb. Nice kid, I always thought. He's grown up well and I am glad he lived up to his potential." - Troyan Laskaris


  • I hear that he sired a Metis and that is why he travels around so much, he’s trying to stay ahead of the rumors.
  • His Uncle fell to the Wyrm, how do we know that he doesn’t bear that taint as well?


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