Alezander Voss

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Alezander Voss.png

Alezander Voss

Clan: Salubri antitribu
Sect: Sabbat
Titles: Templar
Player: Seth H.
Diocese: Columbus, GA
VST: Nathan P


Description and Notable Traits

  • Alezander Voss appears to be in his early thirties.
  • He is usually always seen with a sword.
  • Voss is on a Path

Status Traits


  • Initated as a True Sabbat.


  • Enforcer


History: Timeline

Alezander Voss was born in Greeley Colorado in 1988. He grew as a very active, playing sports and going on hiking trips in the mountains. In his teens he took to learning different types of martial arts and inspired to become a mixed martial arts fighter.

Voss traveled all over the US and some in other countries pursuing his MMA career. One night in Colorado in 2018, Voss went out with some friends to celebrate after one of his MMA fights. The night was going great, until he had to crawl his way out of a grave. Voss had been embraced and was now thrust into a new world.

Voss was now used as a weapon for the Sword of Caine, and he enjoyed it. He felt like it was his calling, little did he know there was a lot more to the stories than what he had been told.


  • His first night as a True Sabbat, he was made the Archbishop's Templar.

Allies, Associates, and Enemies


About Alezander Voss

By Alezander Voss