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Tlaalaoa, tlapetzcaui in ixpan petlatl, icpalli aquineuhian, aquixoaian.
(lt is slick and slippery before the throne; there is no door, no way out.)


Oct 31 1501: Born into the priesthood in Oxtilipa, named Xipil.
June 5 1511: Began religious studies under parents, learned of the Gods and how to do basic rites on an assistant level.
Nov 28 1517: Trip to Tenochtitlan to study under Potchli
Jan 16 1517: Ghouled by Potchli as part of induction rites into priesthood, began study of Necromancy and rites. Will return to Potchli every year to conduct the ritual. A Vampire overseer is sent along with him to assess him and keep him ghouled. Is also taught basic vampire and Premascine lore.
Aug 21 1560: Town ruled over by Spaniards, begin systemic sacrifice of all Spaniard men in secret ritual to appease his God after Domitor is slain by Lasombra. Ritual discovered by Giovanni vampire who took him back to Capital to Potchli.
Apr 4 1565: Embraced in Tenochtitlan and given name of Alfonso Pisanob within the Giovanni family. As celebration, he sacrifices his then wife to eternally serve at his side.
July 18 1570: Returned to home to Oxtilipa and began rooting out Lasombra influence over the Spaniard governors. Gains ownership of a golden skull he carries with his person.
July 20 1605: Removed all Sabbat presence in northwest Mexico with coterie of fellow vampire-priests. Granted Ancilla status as reward.
Dec 7 1621: Moved further northward as expansion into modern day Texas.
Jan 18 1630 - Aug 2 1725: Torpor
Sept 18 1760: Moves to modern day San Antonio to begins planting the seeds of his empire.
May 4 1761: Received letter from Elder Narses stating amicable terms of cohabitation.
Jan 23 1770: Begins study of Death and the Soul, starting down new moral Path.
Oct 31 1785: Trade routes from the East begin making inroads toward the town. Alfonso takes over a coach operation to begin transporting goods and vampires across the desert.
Jul 19 1796: Finds relics of the Mexica civilization being transported among other relics. Conducts a hostile takeover of a smuggling and archeology operation.
Mar 29 1805: Backs Salcedo in local unrest.
Jun 1 1811: Takes possession of las Casas' skull.
May 18 1819: While doing nothing to stop the flooding or mitigate the damage, he collects wraiths for personal study and capture to be sent to the Temple in New Spain.
Spring 1830: Smuggling operations take the forefront of mortal business dealings.
Early Fall 1945: Incident with Tremere Regent.
Summer 1976: Enters torpor.
Summer 2005: Awakens from torpor to find that the Anarchs have revolted in the city. Learns of other Giovanni and makes moves to strengthen his ranks once more.

Notable Traits

* Stylized Mask, Cane, A Suit with Absent Sway: Fear or Traditional Attire from New Spain
* Not On Path Of Humanity
* Eerie Presence x2: A cold and unnatural chill AND A gentle tug on the soul, as if beckoning it free from your flesh.


* "He eats souls, ese. You ever look across into the Shadow around him? They're afraid, and they have every right to be." - Jesus Candelario Pisanob
* "There's nothing inside it! Hollow! EMPTY!! It only waits because it can outlast us! WHY AREN'T YOU RUNNING?!" - Expired Lasombra
* The Island of The Dolls is where he keeps the souls he has collected over the years, and a mad retainer keeps adding more vessels.
* He first saw a god of stone when he was only twelve.
* Insert your rumor here!


* "Being near Alfonso gives me a chill that reminds me of my Embrace. I greatly enjoyed my Embrace." - Djeserit al Malik, Blessed One of Burning Waters
* "With a single touch I learned more from my Grandfather than all my years of humanity. There is true ecstasy in death." - Liliana Vieira Pisanob
* "Not all the fruits in your orchard have rotted on the vine, Boss. This devil'll make sure there are no hands bein' idle in Our City." - Liam Dunsirn, Hatchet of San Antonio
* "The time has come. Let us begin." - Aureliano Stefano Giovanni
* "I know you, Little Death. I saw your soul, laid bare before me in an altar of fire and blood. It was something I will never forget, no matter how hard you try to." - Channon
* "He live up to everything we would expect for an Elder" - Mad dog Jack
* "I much prefer his company when he is alongside the Red Witch. Her fiery disposition balances his chilly demeanor in a way that is almost uncanny. He takes pleasure in laying bare others' faux pas, but in a kingdom of sycophants, critical voices are often of the most value." - Felix Winchester to one of his childer
* "His knowledge inspires me. The mysteries he's privy to will be a gem I will treasure." - GeGe Giovanni
* "He scares me. I don't want to be anywhere near him, but oh my God he's so interesting!" - Heather
* "Den unge necromancer snakker rolig, men hans logikk er farget av hat og de svært følelsene han forsøker å undertrykke." - Olaf Magnusson
* "Paulie may have moved slow, but it was only because Paulie didn't have to move for anybody." - Jaxon
* "He makes you think about things in a deep way. He also listens." - Kitty Cuoronero
* "Well he talks very slowly. That's all I really know about him." - Richard Taylor
* "I think of him as a grumpy grandpa. Though he always seems interested when I'm around, I probably annoy the fuck out of him. I named the skull on his cane, 'Rex'." - Trip Line
* "لقد تم تكريمنا من خلال تضحيته." - Lahab Alhazred
* Some guttural growls and bellowing. - Tooth
* "If one cannot be courteous in public... one will be made to be so." - Diego Amador
* "Don Tenebroso is HELLA spooky. He's OG scary." - Angel
* Quotes will go here...

Mask and Mark.jpeg


Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Pisanob
Lineage: Pisanob
Position: Don of San Antonio
Sire: Pochtli
Chlider: Mitzli Pisanob (NPC)
Generation: Master Elder
Bloodline: Premascine
Status: Accredited - Innate
Honorable - Fleeting
Loyal - Fleeting

OOC Information

Player: Matt Womack
Email: Email Me
Location: San Antonio, TX
Storyteller: Jason Culwell
Contact: San Antonio VST

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