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Name: Alice Barnum
Deed Name: Rocket
Known Aliases: Stechkin, Trash Panda, Ringmaster
Pack: Moreau's Menagerie
Sept: Sept of the Crimson Rock

Description: Alice Barnum cuts an impressively diminutive, yet athletic figure wherever she goes. Her black hair is cut incredibly short and she always seems to be wearing last night’s makeup. Whether it’s actually last night’s makeup, or just how she learned how to actually put on makeup is anyone’s guess.

Known to The Nation


Alice is surprisingly old for her apparent age, but has never revealed her true age. She is not local to the southern region, but wandered into the area and never left due to the pack she collected. She is surprisingly aware of small, useless facts about most of northern America, things that would typically only be picked up by living in the areas. When people ask her about the back and why she went for a leadership position, she responds with only “work experience.” She spends most of her time running a small tourist trap on the edge of her territory. It houses occult oddities, both real and imagined, and she occasionally bring in some of her fera pack to help with the “attractions.”

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  • "Greatest trickster I ever met, and I'm from the South. She's the kind you meet on a foggy night when you lost at a crossroads, offering up helpful advice and directions. Careful now...Her smile don't mean what you think it does." Delilah Carter
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  • She acts much nicer than she actually is.”
  • I’ve heard her main philosophy is ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer.'
  • She’s a were-racoon, a stechkin, Gaia’s trash collectors, that’s why she runs a fera pack.
  • There are only 12 stechkin at any given time.
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The Fallen: “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ― Thomas Campbell

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Player Name: Jordan B.
ST: V. Cross