Alice Roux

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Aliases: Alice Roux
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Anarch
Domain: Austin, TX
Title or Position:
Abiding Status
Fleeting Status

"Her friends underestimate her. I cannot afford to make such obvious mistakes." - Raven Tempestarii
"She's a blast! You know what she used to do back in the day, right?" - Jonny Toxic
"Alice is a delight. Her manners, towards me at least, are impeccable. Truly an example to be aspired to, even by some neonates of the Tower." - Lady Damia
"In a few minuets of conversation she taught me more about how to be a kindred and an anarch than my own sire did in the last 21 years!" - R0gu3_0r4cl3
"Hell in high heels. She's trouble, still sorting out if its the fun type of trouble or not." - Samuel Hayes
"Lovely, clever, and capable. Amazing as a friend or ally. Very dangerous if you get on her wrong side." - Dante Niccolo Cesare Giovanni
"She is smart. However, she can be impulsive and quite irritating. Een handvol geduld is meer waard dan een bushel van hersenen... En respect kan nog verder gaan." Coen Baanard
"A prime example of the failures of the New World. She has demonstrated resourcefulness, intelligence, and a basic understanding of manners. That she was indoctrinated as an Anarch is a waste of such potential. " Christopher Drake
"An interesting gambit can galvanize the mind." Ezra of the Vanguard
"I'm always delighted to find myself in Alice's company - and she never fails to remind me what a disappointment it is that she isn't one of mine." Lucia "Knockout" Trevisan
"This is like what I don't like get about her, she's like obvs like interested in like running shit. Like...dude, like fucking tell Thorn you like challenge him and like be done with it. This like crap about like being in love? Like he's like not buying it like anymore than the rest of us." - Karma
"Alice is way better to all us assholes than we really have any right to expect, for real. In all seriousness for once, she's some desperately needed balance to our ridiculous bullshit and even though it's fun to watch her get dramatically mad, when the chips are down knowing she's on my team is a hell of a comforting thing." - Ashton Hayes
"When the dust settles and all is said and done, and we look back, will we be okay with what we are?" - Thorn Agmundr

She hangs out with Brujah in hopes to look less like a Toreador.
She flirts with people to piss off her Brujah boyfriend, that can't be good for someone's health.

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Fiona - Burn Notice
Tulip O'Hare - Preacher (tv show)

Kill of the Night- Gin Wingmore
Now you're mine
But what do I do with you, boy
I'll take your heart
To kick around as a toy

Paris is Burrining- St. Vincent
They say, "I'm on your side when nobody is, 'cause nobody is
Come sit right here and sleep while I slip poison in your ear."
We are waiting on a telegram to give us news of the fall
I am sorry to report, dear Paris is burning after all
We have taken to the streets in open rejoice, revolting
We are dancing a black waltz, fair Paris is burning after all

A Little Wicked- Valerie Broussard
Beware the patient woman, cause this much I know
No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne

Rage and Romance- Bressie
Why take offense
Turn attack into defense
There's a fine line between rage and romance

Player: Melanie Green

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Storyteller: Daniel Biscoe

Storyteller Email:

Location: Austin, TX