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Commonly Known Information

Name: Emma Janette Puckett

Notable Traits: Eerie Presence unnatural beauty

Society: (Lord) Alida

Clan: Tzimsce

Sire: Darth Pernicious (deceased)

Broodmate Odium (deceased)

Pack Carpe Noctum


  • 1980, July 8th: Emma is born.
  • 1984, August 20th: Emma enters St B's ( )
  • 1994, August 23th: Emma enters Trinity ( )
  • 1998, May 31st: Emma graduates from Trinity.
  • 1998, August 18th: Emma starts at Walsh for her Undergrad ( )
  • 2002, April 28th: Emma graduates Walsh.
  • 2006, June 5th: Emma starts at NEOMED ( )
  • 2010, May 30th: Emma graduates NEOMED.
  • 2010, June 7th: Emma starts her integrated residency in plastic surgery.
  • 2017, January 2nd: Alida is embraced.
  • 2017, September 26th: Arrives in Martinique
  • 2017, September 27th: Attends her gathering of the Martinique Sabbat
  • 2017, October 1st: Alida joins Carpe Noctum.
  • 2019, December: The pack takes down along with the diocese the Fallen Garou attacking the local Sept of Garou.



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  • "Full of promise and vigour, a worthy addition to the Sword, and also to Carpe Noctum, we will all do better for having her within our ranks." - Kelly Pythia
  • "One watches and observes before acts...and when she does...heavens help the person the action is towards. " - Skye Noel Livingston
  • "Alida is loyal to her pack, fiercely so. Perhaps destructively so. Loyalty can lead even the staunchest souls to the pits of hell. So hopefully she knows when to let go. I don't want to see such a promising woman fall." - Valerie Evans
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OOC Information

Alida's Sword

Player: Denise Lilly, US2002106703

Player Email:

Storyteller: Caroline, VST Virtual

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-sabbat-staff(at)

Location: Martinique ICly; NE Ohio OOCly


Parents' House: in Garfield Heights

Mother's maiden name: Leist

Birthday: July 8, 1990

Age: 27 years old

Tropical zodiac: Cancer

Company: Burstein-Applebee

Occupation: Surgeon

Height: 5' 8" (173 centimeters)

Weight: 168.7 pounds (76.7 kilograms)

Blood type: O+

Favorite color: Red

Vehicle: 2009 Nissan Navara