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Alejandra Chicomecoatl

Alejandra Chicomecoatl by Margarita Carillo in 1995

Alejandra Chicomecoatl in 1995 by Margarita Amelia Carillo
Born (1965-01-12) January 12, 1965
Anaheim, California, US
Died (1996-07-21) July 21, 1996 (age 31)
El Verde, Sinaloa, Mexico
ClanFollowers of Set, Tlacique
FactionOrder of St. Blaise
PositionsPriest of Tlamacazqui
Tlillancalqui of Orange County
StatusAccepted Initiated True Sabbat
Innate Anointed Keeper of a Sacred Text
Abiding Ordained as Priest
Abiding Blessed as Bishop
Abiding Enforcer as Bishop
Bobby Graves
Clarence Debriére
Zeb Burkette

Alejandra "Chicomecoatl" Carillo (January 12, 1965 – July 21, 1996, aged 31) was an American curator and historian known for her work in restoring and preserving Mexican and Mesoamerican cultural artifacts.[1][2] A light-skinned woman of average height and medium build, with brown hair that falls in waves past her shoulders and dark, flashing eyes, she often displays a reserved—or standoffish—demeanor. Her attire is modern with traditional Azteca inspiration, and she is fond of gold jewelry and certain stones.

Early life

Ms. Chicomecoatl was born in Anaheim to a single mother, Margarita Amelia Carillo, her father having left her nothing but his complexion and a brother, Alfonso. Although her mother struggled to keep the small family fed, she was a proud woman and never discouraged Alie's natural curiosity about her history.[3] Alejandra learned early to honor her ancestors and treasure what remained of their culture. She graduated cum laude from the California State University, Fullerton College of Humanities and Social Sciences.[4]

Career and disappearance

Ms. Chicomecoatl began her career aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Phasellus quis lobortis nibh. Nam placerat dapibus massa, eu luctus magna accumsan at El Centro Cultural de México.[2][5] Sed diam neque, pellentesque non eros at, euismod fringilla eros. Pellentesque et neque tempor pretium. Aenean ultricies nunc id lorem eleifend, a molestie metus blandit. Vestibulum sed justo leo. Mauris quis egestas est.[6]

Sed feugiat massa purus, nec tempor mauris aliquam in Museo Nacional de Antropología dui tincidunt.[7] Phasellus ullamcorper neque odio, vitae malesuada orci fringilla nec. Fusce venenatis, magna imperdiet porta, libero odio venenatis ligula, ultrices tincidunt nulla vel lacus. Nullam sed nibh nisl. In tincidunt luctus mauris, at malesuada dui tincidunt in venenatis, porttitor porttitor mi.[1]

After death

Alie continues her career from the shadows of undeath, turning her knowledge of history and esoterica toward unearthing fragments of Noddist lore and unmasking agents of the Antediluvians. But she has found even more value in the strong mortal connections she built in life, and she calls on these to aid her Cainite brethren in protecting the Silence of the Blood as a member of the Order of St. Blaise.

She also continues on her personal quest of following and honoring her Azteca roots, the importance of her mortal heritage washed away by the godlike power of the Blood that surges through her from her Tlacique sire. Studying the Ritae and the lore of Cainite philosophy under the tutelage of an elder of her line is the next logical step for this blossoming priestess of the old god Tezcatlipoca.[8]

As a priest and academic, Alie makes herself available upon request to all Cainites residing in or visiting the Diocese of Orange County who are seeking spiritual guidance. She is particularly familiar with and able to discuss the following ethical codes:

  • Path of Caine
  • Path of Cathari
  • Path of Death and the Soul
  • Path of Feral Heart
  • Path of Honorable Accord
  • Path of Metamorphosis
  • Path of Night
  • Path of Power and the Inner Voice

as well as various mortal faith traditions, for those Cainites still conforming to the moral obligations of Humanity.


  • She actually has a page from the Book of Nod!
  • And it's written in Enochian!
  • And she can read it in the original Enochian!
  • Alie watches over what remains of her mortal family and quietly protects them from the supernatural forces in the area.


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