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Information Known by the Garou Nation


Name: Alistair Cross

Deed Name: Forges by Moonlight

Rank: Elder

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Silver Fangs

Auspice: Theurge

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Notable Traits:

Pack: Armory

Sept: Los Angeles, CA



Standing a few inches shy of six feet, Alistair still shows the strength and build of someone who has lived and worked on a forge most of his life. He keeps his brown hair cut close to the scalp, and unlike most of his tribe, seems to enjoy simpler clothes for function rather than formality. His voice carries an easy English accent, but his tone is often kept alongside a disapproving frown that seems close at hand most days. His usual dress is a simple blue shirt under layered vests, with a hood pulled back off his head. Around his waist is a well set belt lined with pouches, while a heavy smiths hammer rests comfortably at his side. Around his neck is a simple pendant of steel fashioned in the image of a wolf, and slung over his back is often a thick stave, with one end carved in the likeness of a wing.



Alistair was born in England, but traveled much of Europe in his youth to learn lore and skills for the supernatural and the physical. His skill with crafting and spirits led him towards the path of fetish crafter, while also keeping him from most of the front lines of battle. Instead, he provided his strength with the tools forged by his hand... and in time, that of his pack.

He has not been, however, without tragedy in his days. Shortly after his arrival to California at the behest of his father, his pack was decimated in the fall of the original sept of Los Angeles, leaving only himself and his pack. Following that he joined his tribe at the Battle of Crescent Moon, where he lost his wife amidst the battle. The event drove the Theurge into deep melancholy. He returned to California in silence, without even the ability of his renewed pack to rouse him. Only a short while after, they were awoken to the sound of a hammer striking steel, and the smell of the forge lit. He did not speak much of what occurred, but Alistair had found renewed purpose in his craft, to which he focuses on in the defense of his sept and the Nation to this day.

Recently having come into the rank of Elder, Alistair has begun to take a more active stance among his tribe's actions and politics. All the while he reminds those of what had come before... and what had been lost. He teaches any who are willing, often stern, but now sometimes showing a hint of the edges softening.

Friends, Family, Enemies


  • "Forges by Moonlight is a gift to the Nation. A Theurge who's conscious guides his creation of fetishes to strengthen us in this never ending war of attrition. His heart is armored against caring too deeply for those who would try to get close. When I finally found a fissure in the walls around it, I gained a friend who I will never be let down by, who's loyalty is boundless. We might not always see eye to eye, but we will always find a way." - Katie Roman
  • " At one time, he saved me when my world fell apart. He helped me weather through visions and spirits when I had never experienced them. And now, he is a confident, and one of my most trusted friends. He has earned that trust." - Sylvi Anker
  • "Time and again, Alistair has shown himself to be a Garou of strength and wisdom. I take some pride in knowing he found my words meaningful enough to call me forward as an example." - Madison Walsh
  • "I worked with him in Atlanta, and he was competent. I met him in Texas, and he was polite. I will be pleased to meet or work with him again in the future." - Iakov Sedeyushchiy
  • "Alistair met me when my eyes were barely open and the world was still edged in moonlight. He never judged me, suspected me, or kept me at arm's length; he gave me what he knew with an open hand, and didn't even get angry when I made friends with his tree. He is what the wolves - and especially his tribe - ought to all be." - Lines of Light
  • "'Forges-by-Moonlight' is a paragon of his Tribe and Auspice. He is passionate, wise, and determined. I have met few like him, and none better. When calamity strikes, you will want him at your side." - Duskcaller
  • "Competency gets you everywhere. If only all could be like Alistair." - Morena's Lament
  • "Alistair understands the old ways. You know, the ones where the Corax turn up, you feed them and give them a place to sleep, they give you information, and they're gone within a day or two. He's even hospitable when the Corax turn up with their tail feathers half burned and riding a Khan they just liberated from a zoo. They don't make 'em like that much anymore." - Hank Perches
  • "He's not an easy teacher by any stretch, but he decided I was good enough to be his student anyway. I'll take it as a compliment... if it weren't for him, I'd be a good Glass Walker but a bad Theurge. He made me better." - Ex Machina
  • "His has been an interesting journey to observe, surmounting falls beyond his control and joining battles beyond his ken...he has yet persevered, each event striking him like a hammer blow. His soul is made of fine steel, carefully forged over the years until he one day became better. I cherish having been privileged to witness this journey." - Road to Hell
  • "Wily. He wants to win as bad as I do." - Smooth Operator


  • Subjugates Spirits to his will, does not ally with them.
  • Binds Spirits forcefully into fetishes, does not appease them first.
  • Is not even a Silver Fang, but a White Howler, who is infiltrating the Garou Nation for his Corrupted tribe.
  • Doesn't know how to forge anything but relies on his packmate JP Cerf to make everything.
  • Takes a grim view on those who would force spirits against their will.

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RP Hooks

  • Fetish crafting
  • Instruction in Lore


OOC Information

Player: Phil T.

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Storyteller: Justin Searles

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Location: Los Angeles, CA