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Name: Alistair Eugene Whitemane, GySgt(Ret)

Date Of Birth: November 10 3843

Height: 6'3" (Hishu), 6'10" (Dalu), 8'11" (Garou), 5'2" (Urshal), 3'4" (Urhan)

Weight: 248lbs (Hishu), 310lbs (Dalu), 721lbs (Garou), 445lbs (Urshal), 213lbs (Urhan)

Notable Traits: Grey and white hair/fur(common in all Whitemane lineage), Cybernetic Arm and Eyes

Supernatural Type: Forsaken (Werewolf)

Supernatural Subtype: Rahu (Assault Specialist)

Supernatural Affiliation: Blood Talons, Lodge of the Shattered Bone

Current Union Membership: Mercenaries Union


Born to a lengthy line of Uratha, Alistair was the middle child of eight. Records do not indicate the names of his siblings as none joined the EFMC at time of recording. His Father, Colonel(Ret) Dorian William Whitemane, served admirably in the Corps commanding various stations at the edge of the Verge. Records show, however, that he was arrested multiple times for his rough style of upbringing. His Mother, Moira Tannignost Whitemane, was a mercenary by all accounts. Alistair left the care of his parents at the age of fifteen and set to wander on his own.

Only a year into his self-support did he undergo what the Uratha call "The First Change". He was then shortly found by the tribe called the "Blood Talons" and began specialized education and training in the ways of hunting and violence.

Two years later(Dec 5 3851), he would then enlist into the EFMC.

GySgt Whitemane would excel at all forms of hand-to-hand combat in his training, being taught initially in the bloody schools of the Uratha. He would go on to join the Special Operations Division, taking lead in mul------

===!!-DATA REDACTED-VALKYRIE CLEARANCE REQUIRED-!!=== program IronMaster.uratha......initiate subroutine retrieval initiating......WARNING:Forced Retrieval May Corrupt Shards---

--tiple missions set in heavily hostile locations. As the NCOIC of Special Operations Team Seven(AKA:The Jagged Fang), he was responsible for the well-being and training of all 14 members of his team. Missions would take them from verdant rain-forest worlds considered a paradise to scorched Hell Planets bereft of friendly lifeforms. Theaters of operations inclu#######@%!*(!(!
!$%)@...Team Roster:

  • GySgy Alistair Whitemane, Callsign "Massacre"
  • SPC Jaen Ignoss, Callsign "Necromancer"
  • Sgt Tordik Marze, Callsign "Gasoline"
  • SPC Horatio Maxwell, Callsign "Match"
  • SSgt Ora Kimihimo, Callsign "Overwatch"
  • SPC Usagi Moroki, Callsign "Razor"
  • Sgt Oliver Whit####&#$!&* shard corruption encountered......moving to next available sector.....---

---$!@#ith his confirmed kill-count well over 500 hostiles ranging from Supernatural to Mundane, he was being considered as an asset for the MegaCorps out in the Expanse and Verge. However, once the Supernatural Suppression Act passed, it is not known whether they had made contact with him or not.##$)%@!@#$ shard corruption encountered......moving to next available sector.....---

---4G*&@His discharge from the EFMC was not amicable, but considered "Honorable" for public relations reasons. This allowed him for an easy transition into the Mercenary Union.

Last Confirmed Location: Station Agamemnon, boarding a freighter.
Suspected Location: Warship Titan, Pyrrhus System, Sector 7(Verge)

Current Status of Asset: %*!@(#################


Mundane Decorations and Awards

Last Surviving Member of Special Operations Team Seven tasked to assassinate key officers of the Silent deep in enemy territory. When inserted into mission area, GySgt Whitemane realized that equipment and armaments were being routed to forward positions that would cause heavy opposition to the overall theater's campaign. GySgt Whitemane took it upon himself to modify the mission parameters to include destruction of the depot in addition to removal of enemy assets. Finding the power generator of the cam, GySgt Whitemane ordered it to be set to overload to destroy the depot. Though they were discovered during their sabotage, Team Seven then took up defensive positions to ensure the overload and subsequent destruction of the depot. Team Seven sustained extreme causalities during the operation, with GySgt Whitemane being the sole survivor.

Mission success caused significant disruption to supply lines and reduced a potential long-term siege to a multi-day conflict. It also ensured the Battle of Dumah would have the Silent on a lesser footing. Awarded the EFMC Distinction Of Valor for his actions, Fallen Members of Team Seven also awarded posthumously. Team Designation Seven was then retired in honor of the sacrifice.

Having lost his right arm and shoulder during the mission, they were replaced by the EFMC before returning to his division to continue his term of enlistment. Once the EFMC was disbanded, he disappeared into the Expanse with his wife, Colonel Isabella Joan Whitemane.

Works Worthy Of Renown

Purity: Five Markings signifying the following in the order presented;

  • Facing down an Incarna in Garou with respect to their rank
  • Warding off servants of the Maeljin during a three-week siege
  • Taking up Siskur-Dah to put down a corrupted City-spirit in homage to the old ways
  • Marrying his mate Col. Isabella Whitemane and having children
  • Fasting between each Siskur-Dah

Glory: Five Markings signifying the following in the order presented;

  • Landing the killing blow on a Beshilu Host
  • Fighting and defeating another Uratha in ritual combat
  • Surviving against a platoon of enemies alone and without weapons
  • Holding off an Abyssal-Tainted River Spirit alone to allow civilians time to evacuate
  • Destroying a Forward Operating Base and being the only survivor

Wisdom: Five Markings signifying the following;

  • Claiming, and Defending, an entire City-Ship as pack territory
  • Healing negative resonance in room 419
  • Mentorship of multiple young Uratha in the ways of Father Wolf
  • Taught the Siskur-Dah
  • TBD

Honor Three Markings signifying the following;

  • Became Lawman of Titan
  • Upheld Oath to Mercenaries Union in spite of biases
  • TBD

Cunning One Marking signifying the following;

  • TBD

Rumors and Intel

  • Was seen working security at an archaeological site with the notorious Bill Brune shortly after it was robbed.
  • Rumor here.
  • Rumor here.

Quotes and Comments

  • "Heh, never got on so well with the law before." Spectrum
  • "Asshole. At least he means well. Usually." Aiden
  • "So, there was this white haired gal..." Bones
  • "You know, maybe he's not so bad after all." Aiden
  • "Good hunter. Good friend. Good dad. Hope he remember." Mark
  • "Alistair is a treasure. Me? I'm no forward combatant. Quite the contrary, really. However beyond all of that hardness of war lies a beating heart that can still break. After all, that's why we keep such things beyond citadels and fortifications. Hmm." Gretchen Salt
  • Quote Here


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OOC Information

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