Alphonse Fontaine

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Alphonse Baptiste de La Tour Fontaine

Notable Traits: Tennesse Williams-like accent

Lineage: None

Clan: Toreador

Social Class: Neonate

Location: Jonesboro, AR

Abiding Status: Confirmed and Acknowledged as an Ancilla of the Camarilla

'Fleeting Status:


Alphonse is slightly below average height, slightly paunchy, and looks to be approaching middle age. He attempts to keep his hair in a foppish manner but as he becomes stressed it has a tendency to go wild and disheveled. He dresses in a Southern dandy manner, which while eye catching is not entirely out of place in the modern South, particularly of a man of his build.


Alphonse Baptiste de La Tour Fontaine was born outside Baton Rogue in 1868. As a boy he realized that words had power during a church revival and how the preacher(who was the town drunk at one point) became a respected member of the community through his words. He planned to become a preacher himself but when his father died, he decided to be a lawyer and attended Tulane University. He eventually unsuccessfully dove into Louisiana politics, and then became a writer and reporter. Upon interviewing a New Orleans philanthropist named Robert for a story, they took a fancy to each other and Robert ghouled Alphonse, eventually becoming his Sire.


  • 1906: Embraced
  • 1910: Left accounting
  • 1972: After the bar that he owns with his Sire is burned to the ground, they leave New Orleans for Jonesboro, Ar
  • 1991: Becomes Harpy of Jonesboro
  • 2004: Becomes Seneschal of Jonesboro
  • 2005: Robert stakes Alphonse before he can awake. Robert meets Final Death the next morning as he watches the sun rise.
  • 2006: Becomes Harpy again
  • 2011: Becomes Prince of Jonesboro, first act is to hand over the disputed city of West Memphis to the Independent Alliance
  • 2012: Takes part in the Chicago Blood Accord(pending), upon return is stripped of Praxis by Primogen Council


"I've always been a creeper. I creep like the kudzu vines that are slowly but surely strangling our Dixie."

"Tell me where exactly I can find this *reads note* "Fuck Bully"?"


  • Maybe Jonesboro went thru so many Princes because him and his boyfriend made all those "accidents" happen. And then when Robert made it to the top Alphonse made an accident happen to him too.
  • Halton and Alphonse sure have been chummy lately. They better keep an eye on their shadows
  • What exactly do you get in return for giving an entire city to the Giovanni?

Player Bio

Player: Larry Flanrey

MES Number: US2015060024

Player Email:

Coordinator: Lee Stuart

Coordinator Email:

Location: Jonesboro, AR