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Alt Tab

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  • Real Name: Dave Davis
  • Breed: Homid
  • Rank: Athro
  • Tribe: Glasswalker
  • Camp: Random Interrupts
  • Auspice: Galliard
  • Affiliation: Concordat of Stars
  • Current Location: Washington, DC
  • ST Point of Contact:Josh Tietelbaum
  • Player Contact:Jason Herman

Physical Description

Alt-Tab wears sweats and a hoody almost all the time. Sometimes he wears a mask that makes him look like a robot, or other face coverings. Believing that the government, Pentex or 'someone' is on to him and that this disguise is clearly going to keep him safe. He's an average looking guy, plain and simple, pun intended.

Brief History

Born Dave Davis to the most average white class family in Nowhere, Ok. Went to college to be a journalist, ended up becoming an analyst for the private security firm that he thinks was working for the government to control mass media and distract America. Fired from that job when they discovered his blog on the dark web he briefly may have had a psychotic break. From a mundane perspective he was committed to psychiatric care. In reality this was all arranged to cover up his first change by Dr Jake Hyde, better known as Surf's the Wyrm.

As a Cliath he was given the deed name Overclocked because of his hyper activity and insane curiosity. This was probably do to his confirmation that things existed in the world that mundane society was unaware of. Many thought his ability to tell a rationale straightforward story would come with time and experience. They were unfortunately wrong.

Eventually he joined a pack called Impulse Engines which followed a victory spirit Momentum.

His challenge to become a Fostern was to tell a story about how each tribe and each of the Triat had betrayed the whole. This took him a long time to accomplish and the results were not met with great applause because of how successful he was and how blunt he was during his delivery.

Alt Tab spent a long time as Fostern and was known as Bites with Words then. He was in some ways content and also very narrow-minded. His previous rank challenge kinda forced him into the Omega position. But having long since gathered the renown to challenge he was encouraged to by Dr Jake. Dr Jake couldn't stand to see so much potential in a werewolf while he himself felt he was held back as a Bitten. The challenge for Adren presented to him involved using the Dark Web and his own internet blog (resurrected in 2012 from an 11 year hiatus) without breaching the Veil to lure Formori agents of Pentex out of hiding. The whisper campaign and docking leveled at this one guy was stunningly aggressive. Watching him work through the processes he earned the deed name Alt Tab for how fast he moved through Windows.

Current Status

Alt Tab disappeared into the Cyber-realm and eventually Flux in early 2014 on his Athro challenge. The last person to see him was Prime Motivator The task given to him was seemingly impossible. In fact even after being rescued from Flux he's not sure how he accomplished the task. His task was to convince a spirit through words, code, trickery, anything to let him into Flux. However the spirit he had to convince had to be a spirit anywhere in the Cyber-realm. He spent almost six months travelling between Uptown and the Pit. He then spent nearly three weeks studying the Pattern Web. He was last seen leaving Uptown after purchasing something from an encryption spirit with some contraption he had built from the things he'd been scavenging from the Pit. He disappeared into Micro Level. It wasn't until nearly two years later a random set of coded messages began appearing on Jackson Daniels computers revealing that if he hadn't been seen in a awhile it was likely he succeeded in getting to Flux but not out of Flux. Prime Motivator, Jackson Daniels and <insert one others> were able to enter and retrieve him from Flux.


Dr Jake 'Surf's the Wyrm' Hyde
Prime Motivator
Jackson Daniels

Pack Impulse Engines

Totem: Momentum:
Momentum is a victory-spirit of many names, including “Hot Hands” or “Winning Streak.” She favors the brave or the crazy, giving and withdrawing success almost randomly. Momentum has no true set form, but most werewolves report meeting her in the guise of a lovely but capricious woman, often dressed as if attending a high-stakes casino.

Nate 'Red Shirt' Frakes - died 2015 - Ragabash Bonegnawer Adren You Sneaky Bastard, Fostern, Ragabash, Get of Fenris Skitter Crack - Cliath Ratkin <insert Jacob Slutksy's character> Eyes of Hecate (2018) - Adren Theurge Black Fury


  • 1978: Born in Nowhere, OK
  • 1998: Graduated from Georgetown
  • 1998-99: Works for Heisenberg Solutions
  • 2000: First Change
  • 2002: Fostern Challenge
  • 2003: Joined Impulse Engines. Treated as Omega.
  • 2012: Adren Challenge
  • 2013: Took Alpha of Impulse Engines
  • 2014: Athro Challenge
  • 2016: Rescued from Flux


  • Cheated on his rank challenge.
  • Isn't the same Garou that went into the Cyber-realm in 2014 (he used to be left handed)


You think Gravity is a bitch? You should meet Momentum, our Pack Totem - Nate 'Red Shirt' Frakes ~ 2003
Wait Nate died? - Alt Tab ~ 2016