Altan Luu Dynasty

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Information Known by Kindred Society

Clan: Gangrel

Affiliation: Camarilla loyal

Common Traits: Dragon Scales and reptilian eyes. Asiatic Lion and Mongolian Eagle are common forms in the house among the Eldest.

General Background


During its height, the Mongol Empire was the largest contiguous land empire in history. Originating in Central Asia, it stretched from Eastern Europe to the Seas of Japan, northward to Siberia and west to the Carpathian Mountains.

The Great Horde emerged from the unification of several nomadic tribes in the under the leadership of Genghis Khan. By means of invasion, the empire grew rapidly under his rule and that of his descendants, allowing the dissemination and exchange of trade, technologies, commodities and ideologies across Eurasia. The empire began to split due to wars over succession, as the grandchildren of Genghis Khan disputed over who would succeed. A key reason for the split was the dispute over whether the Mongol Empire would become a sedentary, cosmopolitan empire, or would stay true to their nomadic and steppe lifestyle. Civil wars broke out, and by the time Kublah Khan died, the Great Horde broken into four separate Khanates.

In the Northwest rode the Golden Horde, staying true to their nomadic roots. In 1269 the Golden Horde is assisting Vladamir- Suzdal in evicting Germans from the Russian territory of Narva. Some villages fought to defend their homes, but most are killed or chased off the land. A handful of the Germanic villagers are taken captive to be sold in the south. Among them was a nine-year-old girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Over the years, the girl became part of the Horde and earned the name Altansarnai (golden one). When the time came to marry, she was married as a second wife to the Khan. When his first wife dies in childbirth, she assumed the spot of honor. Altansarnai gave birth to 3 daughters and 4 sons, all strong and healthy. Altansarnai became advisor to her husband, and when he died, to her sons. She was good in the saddle and even better with the bow, known to be fearless, wise and respected. What she did not know, was that she had gained the attention of a predator.

In 1296, during a battle for control of the Horde, she was mortally wounded. The predator gave her the gift of un-life and in the Gangrel way, left her to fend for herself. This was how Altani Khan and the Altan Luu Dynasty was born. Her sire never returned, it is unknown why.

Altani Khan found her way as a Kindred, using her powers to protect her tribe and build a dynasty. Over the years she embraced a handful of kindred, those surviving to this night number among her most favored as she does not hesitate to cull the unworthy. Attracted to those who are survivors by nature, honor, intelligence, and resourcefulness are also traits that draw the Altan Luu Dynasty to embrace new members.

Altani Khan and the Altan Luu joined the Camarilla shorty after it’s inception. Swearing allegiance to Ikkenai the house has remained notably Camarilla Loyal, choosing to remain in the Sect even when so many Gangrel left. They (mostly) remain supporters of the Ivory Tower ad seek to regain a Gangrel seat at the table.

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Luminary PoC: Holly E Houtekier

Member: US2002021999

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Storyteller: Chris White.