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General Information

Name: Alu
Rank: Uzmati (2)
Breed: Ursine
Notable Traits: Curiosity
Pack: Keep Your Kin
Society: Gurahl - Okuma
Sept: Seven Hills



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Alu was born in captivity at the Atlanta Zoo. He experienced his first change when the zoo was overrun by Wyrm creature fleeing the raising of the Sept of Hope's Resurgence. He's still somewhat animalistic with only minimal prior exposure to human technology through some cognitive research experiments. However, this situation has changed with his interactions with the Gaians in the Atlanta and Rome septs.

Jake "Doc" Hargrove was his Buri-Jaan. He often followed and watches Culls the Blade and Cold Red Clay to get a better understanding of Gurahl, because Jake can't be the only Gurahl that he inundates with questions. Since his introduction to the Sept of Hope's Resurgence, he's slowly getting more accustom to human ways. He would occasionally be seen wandering in a kilt lent to him by Forges Widsom, the sept's Den Parent.

In past days, he could often be seen wandering the sept's territory with a comic book or easy reader in hand or sitting at Nora's bookshop or The Little Tart Bakeshop. He occasionally stopped someone he recognizes from the sept to ask their assistance with a word here or there. His progress was rapid, and he moved on to the Harry Potter novels based upon recommendations from within the sept.

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He recently underwent his rite of passage and joined the Sept of Hope's Resurgence and the One Black Thread pack under Malory LaChance. He served as his pack's Guardian for the Sept of Hope's Resurgence.

His pack indoctrinated him into the cult of Disney with many movie nights and a trip or two to Disney World in Orlando. He was involved in a number of quests to identify and remedy issues experienced by kinfolk in the Atlanta area and several missions to dispatch vampires.

He traveled often to the Sept of Seven Hills. He assisted the sept in several endeavors including the planting of its caern seed, the irradication of tainted Hogstown products, and the ascension of Skullcap to the level of incarna.

When the One Black Thread pack split to go their separate ways, he chose to relocate to Rome and to become a member of the Sept of Seven Hills where he became a member of the Keep Your Kin pack dedicated to Feral Sus.



  • "Having Alu in my Pack lets me see the wonders of the world for the first time again. I will never be able to repay him for that gift." - Tenebrous Harmony
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OOC Information

Player: David K.
Player Email:
Storyteller: Sam G.
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Location: Rome, GA