Amaranthine Performance Pill

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Project Almanac: Amaranthine Performance Pill (APP)


Basic Information

Name: Amaranthine Performance Pill (APP)

Location: N/A

Category: Technology

Description: This consumable drug is a mix of pharmacology and magical fruit. The pill commonly appears vibrant red in color after creation and smells like hope and cinnamon.

Almanac Status: Verified Entry

Submitted by: Asteria Industries

Research Notes

  • History: 3781 is the year when Asteria Industries publicly released the blueprints for the APP designer drug. The business publicly stated this was humanitarian aid for all Thurisaz survivors in an attempt and effort to protect them all from the risks of the dimensions they each were forced to endure before escaping.
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Amaranthine Performance Pill (APP)

Materials: Amaranthine + 2 Plasmic Alloys + 1 Ephemerite

Item Complexity: 5

Crafting Requirements: Creator is a Changeling or Faetouched and/or has Occult Spec: Changelings

Effect: Heals 2 aggravated damage or 4 lethal. Limit of use to one per day.

OOC Information

Storyteller: Virtual VST

Storyteller Email:

Approval Level: Low Approval to Use

Application Number: #USA-NET-CS-1809-046201