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Blade of the Redeemer

General Information

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Name: Amasis Sabry
Deed Name: Blade of the Redeemer
Rank: Athro
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fang
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
House: Wise Heart
Lodge: Sun
Pack: Coriolis Effect under Trade Winds
Lineage: Clan Zorja

Notable Traits:

  • Heroic Lineage (Silver Fang)
  • Scars across his throat

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Amasis is a proud Silver Fang Lupus, he has been tasked in the past with embracing his hunting instincts, and continues this path today. Currently he is a known member of Coriolis Effect, and though he doesn't visit that often, it is known that should there be a need, he will always be there at their side.

(The above image is from the amazing artist, Sandara, and was borrowed from Deviant Art. Their profile can be found here.)

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"I saw him in battle, what a sight to behold. I do not have the words myself, but being the daughter and sister of Skalds, I recognize Glory when I see it." - Sylvi Anker

"I do not always understand my cousin. As familiar as I am with a Wolf's mentality, it's still markedly different from my own. This has never once caused me to doubt my cousin - he is strong, protecting, and fiercely loyal. I'm proud to call him both family and Packmate." - Kassandra Vassos

"For years I did not know my brother, now I cannot imagine my life without him. He has a fire and youthful excitement that helps keep me young. Our enemies have little hope to stand against us and I am so glad to know him." - Zeina Sabry

"He fights with an elegant savagery, and leaves his enemy rattled to their core. It is an inspiring thing to behold, so long as his claws aren't coming at you." - Maddie

"Amasis is a one of kind oddball. I have great respect for him as a warrior, but, he needs to learn the nuances of language. He's still adorable for all that, but don't tell him I said that. He might get mad at me and pee on my shoes. Again." - Troyan Laskaris

"I like this little wolf. He plays with the wind without knowing how" - Trade Winds, local spirit.

"I am glad that I have been able to get to know Amasis, he shows a different side of ..Ahrouns? ..than I have expected." - Priscilla Lamnidae

"It is not so much in the standing, but how one makes their stand." - Nadezhda Orlova, Morena's Lament

"He is good fighter, first Silver Fang Shipsinker has met so they ok" - Shipsinker

"He embodies qualities that mark him as a modern day Samurai. Deadly in combat with motions as fluid as water yet able to bring forth forceful strikes of swift death. He has the patience of a large stone in a raging river when presented with the raging energy of the young of his auspice. This Unyielding patience helps him teach the young how to bend and be fluid in tempering their rage to survive. He is Loyal to his Nation and his comrades in battle endearing him to many. It is a great honor to include him as one I have chosen to consider as Family."- Valen Cross

"Amasis is a noble one. A seasoned fighter and a wise man, too. He is someone I would gladly have next to me in any situation. The greatest ally you could hope for, a fearsome enemy should you cross him, and an incredible friend, should he see you as such." - Wyrmbaiter

"I care deeply for my cousin, he has always been a good companion and a loyal confidant." - Thyra Laskaris

"He sure knows how to make a girl feel welcome. I believe I'm safe here, and that means a lot." - Brigid O'Mannion

"I first thought Amasis a fool, like most wolves. He is not. He is young and unworldly in his weltanshauung, and he is learning. I find him most promising." - Yitzhak

"Amasis needs to make sure he is a leader before making demands like one. If he ends up getting the backup for his actions, he'd probably be good at it. Though I wish he'd slap a few people a little harder." - Ex Machina

"There is a world of potential in Amasis. He's smart, savvy, and he has the makings of a great leader. And he hasn't once looked down his nose at me, just because I happen to be Ajaba rather than Garou. People like him are the future of the Nation, and the ones we have to depend on to help us get through this war. I'm proud to call him my sept-mate and friend." - Ora

"I really want to fight this guy sometime. Would be a fun time. But for now, I'm glad to fight beside him. So long as he doesn't shut me out of things because I'm a bird." - Carrion

"I've only meet 2 Silver Fangs that I thought were any good. He's 1 of them. I honestly don't mind him having command of things." - Martial Law

"Did it make you feel powerful intimidating a child that was trying to make amends to you? Christ." - Catalin Corbeanu

"He has no easy task ahead of him with what has happened tonight. Though it flatters me with his compliments of my food being the best his Sept has had for his guests." - Priscilla Lamnidae

"His The Commander & Chief of The Sept that is Obvious. But What we really need right now as a Sept is to Get a Major Win against the Wyrm on the Field of Battle and He has to be the One to lead the Charge. If is to ever win the Hearts & Minds of Those of The Sept. The Time for talking is Over, Your actions shall decide rest not your words." - |Stag’s Fury

"I am not a Legend, nor a Hero of the Nation. I am just doing what I hope is enough to give our nation another dawn." - Amasis

"He is my Alpha, my leader. He took me in when I came to him little more than a simple traveler seeking a home. Now I aid him and this Sept as his Fool, time to repay his kindness with actions, even if I can never understand him." - DC

"Please add one." - Name

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Son of a well known Silver Fang, despite not being claimed until after their death.

Likes to swim in the ocean and pretend he is a Rokea

Amasis is the best bork bork that ever borked and did a bork at a bad bork bork. Amasis = best bork bork.

Really likes cake.

Does a heckin' frighten.

Likes Pumpkin Spice on everything.

Is somehow related to Jonas Albrecht.

CEO of Annoyed Ahroun Delivery Services. WEAPONISES A HECKIN VROOM VROOM!

Is really called ABOOFSIS. No concern!

Please add one.

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