Amber Alderman

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Character Details

Name: Amber Alderman

Alternative Names: Birb

Notable Traits: On a Path

Clan: Gangrel

Sect: Sabbat

City: Orange County, CA

Title: Priest, Bishop

Pack: Murder of Crows

Personal Information

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: Early twenties

Actual Age: Late thirties

Forms: Cougar, Owl

Known History

Amber Alderman is a basic semi-spoiled middle-class girl, who decided to work in a metaphysical bookstore as a side-job in college, while majoring in Russian and business. In particular, she was doing readings for people, though she had no supernatural talent for it, just a knack for reading and leading people.

Amber’s embrace was unexpected to say the least, as she had no idea that the true supernatural world existed. Her sire embraced her because rumors had spread that she was a true seer, and ironically, she became one after her embrace. Less than a month later, a Crusade was called.

The Sabbat gave her life more meaning than she had ever known, and her pack quickly replaced her mortal family. On a mission, Amber had a vision that indicated they needed to change their tactics. The ductus ignored her, which resulted in the death of both Ductus and Priest. The pack fell apart at that point, and Amber left California to wander around the country.

She hooked up with a nomadic pack that trained her up, put her on a Path, and finally they all recognized that to grow any further she had to come back to LA and face her failure.

Time Line

  • 1978 - Born in Tustin, CA
  • 2000 - Embraced in Fullerton, a month before Temoch’s crusade. Participates in mass embraces during the crusade
  • 2002 - Had a true reading for Ajax Beckett about his "diablerie situation ."
  • 2004 - Left OC due to pack dissolving
  • 2004-2017 - Wandered all over North America and somehow didn't die
  • 2017- Returns to OC

Public Information

Status: Initiated, Ordained,

Known Associates


  • Has a liking of Raccoons, but no-one seems to know quite why.
  • As a human, she crossed a will worker and he cursed her - that's why she talks like a valley girl. She's actually from Scotland.
  • Was a finalist in the Overwatch League.
  • Likes spam and eggs.. well, did.


  • "If I still had a heart-beat, I might be amused by the whole 'Valley Girl for Caine' thing. At least she doesn't also work at Starbucks, like Ajax..." - Hector Diego Alvarez de Aragon

Inspiration & Influences

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