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Just the Basics

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Name: Amber Luciole Lauren
Aliases: Prickly Pear, Party Totem, Peyotekin, Umbral Giggles,
Cactus Queen, Kinfolkbae, Drunkbae, Carries The Fire, Treasure of Firedrake
Breed: Nuwisha Kinfolk
Age: 25
Occupation: Plant Lady, Vocal Artist, Law Student, Activist
Band: Hullabaloo - A bluegrass cover band focusing on 90's and early 00's pop and dance hits.
Spirit Pact: Cactus (Appears to look like Cactuar)
Pack: Left Field Pragmatists
Pack Totem: Bromera (Chimera?)
Other Spiritual Affiliations: Firedrake, The Morrigan, Coyote
Sept: Sept of New Dawns

Zoom Out

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Appearance: Amber stands at 5'4" with an average build, though most of her muscle was in her forearms. She is fair-skinned, with bright brown eyes and freckles that danced over the tops of her cheeks and nose, and usually has a pair of glasses on. Her hair is naturally dark blonde that is bleached blonder and falls to the middle of her back. She is conventionally pretty (appearance focus) and doesn't seem to have strong feelings about it one way or the other. Upon the right side of her waist is a tattoo with several succulents grouped together. On the left side of her neck to her shoulder, she has a lichtenberg (electrocution) scar.

Her attire consists of t-shirts, flannel, leggings or jeans, and boots of some variety. Sometimes a dress, though rarely. She wears light makeup and some jewelry. Often times, she has dirt under her nails evident of her succulent dedication.


Biography: Amber Lauren was born in the suburb of Auburn, California and immediately placed in foster care. She has never had any contact from either of her parents and has never had much luck in finding information on them. She had a fairly easy-going life despite the challenges with being in the foster system, and remained in the group homes for the majority of her childhood and adolescence. As a teenager, she grew passionate in studying plants and animals. She was an excellent student with a thirst for changing the way that things were to better everyone and involved in student council.

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After her hard application, she moved onto Humboldt University to complete her bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences, minoring in music composition. There she met River "Sings in Defiance" Forscythe, and became close friends with her.

After experiencing a nervous breakdown, she has spent the last two years working on her art and music, taking a job at a nursery and giving lectures near the university, and perfecting her peyote tea recipe.

The Tuatha De Danann were successful in saving Amber and four other kin from a Pentex facility, tasked with showing the kinfolk her place in the Nation.

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Recovery from her kidnapping was difficult on her physically and emotionally, as she struggles to find her place in this new world, having relocated to Southern California. Her concerns remain insurmountable and questions unanswered about where she came from, and who her family is.

Due to the efforts of her pack and her resilient nature and dedication, Amber had come into her own. Lloyd "Sir Punch Line" Ryans, a former Nuwisha elder of the sept who met his untimely death during a challenge, left Amber his home in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. After inviting her pack to live in the spacious five-story building, she named it 'Nomad's Landing' in honor for the many 'no-man's' and drifters Lloyd helped throughout his lifetime.

She's spent the past few weeks really connecting with other kinfolk of the Nation and their plight to #BanTheBite. Motivated to help others who were in her place; a lost kin, she's taken an internship with Dottie Lovett in order to attempt to give her extra reach in San Diego County.

With assistance from Catalin Corbeanu, she was able to identify a single blood relative; a brother known to the nation as 'Spector. It was also confirmed her biological parents are both deceased.

After a tumultuous March, which ended with her asking River to legally adopt her as her mother, the kinfolk began to make final arrangements in preparation for her early demise. Amber played a small role with the rest of the Nation in order to pin Bhictoria MacDougal, CEO of Pentex, in the city proper by coordinating influences to Control-Shift-Boom. She also managed to make contact with the totemic incarna, Firedrake, whose presence was vital in the survival of the Sept, as sang in The Death of a Legend.

In an odd twist of fate, just before the battle, she became mate to Salvador, and the pair became engaged not long after.

Within a few weeks, she decided to leave her pack, citing personal reasons.

For a time she lived alone in San Diego, frequently traveling back and forth to San Antionio to visit her fiancé. She maintained her vast succulent garden, a Latrani sanctuary east of the main city, and her internship in San Bernardino with Dottie.

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In May, it was discovered that Amber had been used as a pawn by the vampire, Von Schrieber, whom the San Diego sept had had a history with. Due to the question of her safety while living alone, she opted to move to San Antonio in with her fiancé in July. She currently assist the Sept of the Rising Moon and continues efforts toward the demise of Von Schrieber with San Diego.

In early Autumn, Amber returned to San Diego after putting her engagement on hiatus. Her current work has been dedicated to improving the volatile conditions in San Diego after the depression that hit. Her work has been primarily focused on the plague and making relations.

In late October, she and her brother met Coyote.

Recent History: Shortly after a whirlwind romance began with Jeremy "Weighs the Heart" White, her intent is focused on starting a family all on her own as well as cultivating the cure for the virus due to be released.

Spirit Whispers


  • She's a drug dealer.
  • She was accepted to both Yale and Harvard.
  • She's never been on a date.
  • She is excellent at six things that begin with "S".
  • Power towels.
  • Holds personal stock of Pumpkin Spice.
  • Stole over $500k from Marius Copernicus.
  • She's Canadian, and that's why she's so nice.
  • She has visions.
    • She has terrifying visions.
      • She has visioned her own death.
  • Literally cannot even.
  • She's alarmingly flirtatious while nervous.
  • Is a Hufflepuff.
  • Has great technique.
  • May or may not be in the #KinfolkMafia
  • Has a brother.
  • Gave Marius Copernicus his seventh emotion.
    • Possibly an eighth emotion, too.
  • Secretly 'Spector's daughter.
  • Answers challenges made against her in the form of rap battles.
    • Or drinking.
      • Or a game of Sticks.
        • Or one-man Hamilton performances.
  • Can literally light herself on fire to keep others warm.
  • Was drunk for three days straight once during pledge week of her sorority.
  • She was forced to leave her pack by Salvador.
  • Is somehow related to Jonas Albrecht.
  • Spirits of Fire bow to her.
  • Is the love child of Fire Drake and a spirit of Sass.
  • Awoke Firedrake with 'Chutzpah'.
  • She and Grandfather Thunder like the same flavor of jellybean.
  • She totally liked being on top.
  • Member of the infamous #KinfolkMafia
  • Was accused of cheating by Coyote.
  • Has at least three fanboys.
  • Is receiving Unlimited Stick from someone.
    • Is receiving Unlimited Stick from two people.
  • Is still "secretly" seeing Salvador.
  • Does kegstands with Skindancers.
  • Is trying to get pregnant.
  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)


  • "She's a bit of a flirt. I think she's still recovering from a rather horrible introduction to the supernatural world of the shifters. When she's not falling over herself she's pretty sharp. One is probably a bit of a facade for the other. She was competent at the science of her job in Bloomington. She needs a bit of work at the subterfuge bit but I think she could be a good field operative. I hope the shifters don't starve the independence out of her." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "In my years, I've never met someone with her resilience or drive - she never stops pushing for what she believes in, no matter how much some people might wish she would. Some people look down on Kinfolk, Litany or not. Amber is one of those very clear examples of why you should never do that." - River "Sings in Defiance" Forsythe
  • "A cousin of mine, and a stellar Cyndi Lauper singer. I'll be watching this one with interest." - 'Spector
  • "She has a lot to learn and a long ways to go. I don't envy her. I hope she gets what she needs." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "She's a new addition to the list of kinfolk I call family. Full of hope despite her rough beginning. It will be interesting to see what adventures she gets into next." - Valen Cross
  • "When she crowned me runner up at the Island Rumble I knew there was something special about her, I later learned it was her galliard like gift for telling tales." - Erecul Tophroi
  • "She has a thirst for adventure. It's refreshing." - Elizabeth Tvarivich
  • "Ohmyabsolutegoodness she buys me stuff and helps out with all the things. Kinfolk aren't officially recognized as part of packs I guess but she's one of us just as much as any person could be. I'm so glad we found her. Also, she's apparently a badass. She fights shit with us. Like???" - Juniper O'Connor
  • "Her application to be an intern at my office was an absolute blessing. Driven and strong, I look forward to see where she goes from here." - Dottie Lovett
  • "The human kin? Adventerous, curious. Those are dangerous traits for a kin to have. She seems to have them in abundance. I wonder what the Spirits have to say about her, what deeds that kin has done to be so bold. This should be an interesting conversation." - Ways to the Common Destination
  • "Amber's got herself in a few too many scraps fer my tastes. Hard to protect the kin when they're runnin' up to the front line wit' the Wyrm. Wish I had a couple extra eyes ta keep on 'er when shit's goin down. She's got too much value ta the nation ta waste like that." - Duncan
  • "I SEE YOU, CHILD OF LOKI." - Firedrake
  • "Amber? She's careless and trouble, but watching her stumble and get back up? Pay close attention to her moves." - Anonymous
  • “Oh man, she's up for round two, I love this woman!” - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • “She seems like she's troubled, and like she is trouble. Carries the Fire is a good name for her.” - Cassidy Black
  • "Round three, woman!!!"" - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Her willingness to take on the storm without anyone to stand beside her is both admirable and blindly dangerous. She does not see the value so many have placed in her, I think, and I hope that changes one day. When she has need, I will do my best to be at her side. Tradition may lead me a bit more strongly than it does her and Salvador, but I wish them the best nonetheless." - Madison Walsh
  • "Maybe instead of trying to guilt trip her about the entire west coast falling into Harano if she dies, someone can address the dark weight she carries around every day. She's been dancing two steps ahead of the black dog, but sooner or later Coyote's favourite daughter needs a break." - Verity Apple Willow
  • "Amber, for all the difference in our ages, has become one of my closest friends. Where others see a blazing wildfire, I see a soothing hearthfire. Not to say that I don't believe the people who see her differently, just that I see such depth of character in her and such warmth." - Inge Hansen
  • “Your quote here.” - Someone

Spy Network




  • River "Sings in Defiance" Forsythe - Vocals, Tambourine, Ukulele (For humor.)
  • Evelyn "Storm Caller" Johnson - Mandolin, Violin, Backup Vocals, Ukulele (For humor.)
  • Emily "Learns to Wait" Lewis - Vocals, Guitar
  • Amber "Carries the Fire" Lauren (Self) - Vocals, Banjo, Ukulele (For humor.)



Spotify Playlist[1]

Young, wild, American
Head full of Jameson
Girl's playin' bad 'cause it doesn't pay to be good.
- "Diamond Heart" -Lady Gaga

And my heart is always breaking for the ghosts that haunt this room
We fall asleep to revolution, but wake up next to a sad excuse
Oh, what a shame how we got in our own way
- "Harsh Light" -Nate Ruess

But I'm holding on for dear life,
Won't look down, won't open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light
'Cause I'm just holding on for tonight
- "Chandelier" -Sia


And now we're grown up orphans
That never knew their names
We don't belong to no one
That's a shame
- "Name" -The Goo Goo Dolls

Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world
Bury me alive
'Cause I won’t give up without a fight
If you love me let me go,
If you love me, let me go.
'Cause these words are knives that often leave scars,
The fear of falling apart.
And truth be told, I never was yours,
The fear, the fear of falling apart.
- "This is Gospel" -Panic!At The Disco

I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
When’s it gonna get me?
In my sleep, seven feet ahead of me?
If I see it comin’, do I run or do I let it be?
Is it like a beat without a melody?
See, I never thought I’d live past twenty.
Where I come from some get half as many.
Ask anybody why we livin’ fast and we laugh, reach for a flask.
We have to make this moment last, that’s plenty.
- "My Shot" -Hamilton


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Player: Sarah Perry
Player Email:
Storyteller: Daniel T. Goode
Storyteller Email:
Location: San Diego, CA

Art commissioned by Michelle Joy Montrose, Aubrey Ryan, and Kya Harris. Wiki modified from Abby's page for Fawn

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