Ambrogino Giovanni

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Ambrogino Giovanni

  • Alternative Names: Ambrogino Giovanni
  • Embrace date: 1045
  • Generation: 5th Generation (via diablerie)
  • Clan: Giovanni
  • Sire: Constancia
  • Sect Affiliation: Independent Alliance
  • Current Location: Italy
  • ST Point of Contact:AANST Independent Alliance STs
Ambrogino Giovanni.jpg

General Information

There is one Anziani known publicly, Ambrogino Giovanni, and he serves as their face when and if the Anziani need to address the Family without a messenger.
Born a bastard to the Giovanni family, Ambrogino gained the notice of the family elders through his viciousness and sheer ambition.

Titles and Accolades

  • Anziani

Known Childer

  • Lucretia Giovanni
  • Gillespi Giovanni
  • Baldesar Rossellini

Past Locations


Privileged Information

Giovanni or Cappadocian Lore:

  • An accomplished necromancer even during his natural life, he experienced an intense vision of himself becoming a god. This goal would become his driving force and further encourage his overwhelming ego.
  • When Clan Cappadocian began Embracing members of the Giovanni family he was one of the few chosen for the Kiss.
  • As such he is one of the very few Giovanni Cainites whose blood descends from Cappadocius and not Augustus Giovanni.


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