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In the Public Eye

Known Publicly as: “Archon” Keyboard player for the Goth-Metal band “Justicar”

Notable Traits: Wears a deep black hood when in public that shrouds his angelic face in shadows. Archon is 6’5 and lanky with shaggy blue hair and black sclera tattoos. He is an enigmatic songwriter, performer, keyboard player, vocalist, and a classically trained mixed media artist.

OOC Traits: Fame 5, Angelic Visage, All three social foci, Erie presence: Eyes of the Abyss, Missing fangs, Whisper of Life, Personal Masquerade.


Archon is first and foremost, a musician and artist. He is closest with his twin sister, PR1MA. The two share a strange unspoken bond. By nature he can be shy, but extremely charismatic in that awkward eccentric musician way. He is the keyboard player and writes the hooks and chord progressions that have helped make the band famous. He also designs and draws many of the tour promos and liner art for the albums.


In the Press

  • PR1MA and Archon are sesquizygotic twins (or semi-identical twins) born in the UK. A super-rare condition.
  • PR1MA is five minus older than her brother and never lets him forget it.
  • Archon almost died in childbirth when he ended up being breach with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. He still has the indentation from that around his neck which is why he wears collars and scarves.
  • Archon was born with eyes blackened over with blood due to subconjunctival hemorrhaging from strangulation. This never fully healed and he decided to get black scleral tattoos to cover the discoloration when he joined the band Justicar.
  • In regards to his controversial scleral tattoos he is quoted as saying "I thought, may as well go big or go home, so I went for it. Now my eyes reflect our music - it's like getting a glimpse into the Abyss." - Bohemian Magazine 2016
  • PR1MA, who plays lead guitar for the band, often teases that she was trying to kill he brother in the womb with their mother's umbilical cord but she is glad that she didn't succeed.
  • Ambrose is very superstitious and will not perform in certain clubs due the hostile negative energy they generate. The band's manager, Owen, carefully vets each performance and appearance location in advance to avoid a rock star melt down from the sensive songwriter.
  • He is quoted with saying "My sister and I used to summon a lot of shit when we was younger with a ouija board. We are both very spiritually sensitive, being twins an' all. You've got to be careful with those things. We weren't as knowledgeable back then and it has bit us in the ass a few times. There is shit that is hunting us for poking to deep into the dark. I have a "no mirrors" rule in the studio and my personal spaces. That is how they get you. They come out of reflective surfaces like mirrors and standing water and slowly drain away your soul - bit by bit - until there is no creativity left. That's why half of society's youth is a bunch of vapid instagram fucks. They spend hours upon hours looking at themselves in the mirror. Not even realizing what is on the other side of the looking glass - slowly draining their creativity and soul away. " - Alternative Press Magazine, May 2018
  • Some conspiracy theorist fans speculate Archon is actually Kurt Cobain incognito. There are many conspiracy theories about Archon as the young entertainer seems to enjoy making press statements that make it difficult to tell truth from fiction.
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About Justicar

Justicar Banner.jpg

Justicar is a hard rocking Goth/Metal group based out of the LA area. Their first album was titled "The Red List". From which the single "Amaranth" charted well and propelled the group into the spotlight. A year long tour in 2016 followed. In 2017, the group returned to the studio to write and record their next album, "Burning the Ivory Tower", which was released in July of 2018. In late August of the same year, they released a surprise single online titled "Punk Ass Priscus", available to download, share, and edit, free to any and everyone.

2019 finds Justicar currently at work on their next studio album, title yet released. They continue to tour and have accumulated quite an impressive following of fans and groupies in each city they visited.


Band Members
Lead Vocals / Songwriter: Princess
Synth/Vocals/Songwriter: Archon
Lead Guitar: PR1MA
Bass Guitar: Marshal
Drums: Lord Scourge

Crew and Label info

Record Label
Tower Records
Band Manager
Arthur Hemmings, CEO
Touring Manager
Rys Morningstar
Charles Cooley, Esquire
Alopecia Nosferatu

Among the Sword

Actual Name: Ambrose Noble

Ambrose is a young Lasombra Loyalist with a questionable upbringing. Joining the band Justicar has been the best thing in his life as becoming a vampire was a traumatic experience for him. He and his fraternal twin sister, Rinoa Noble (known publicly as Prima), were created by the same Cainite but using a volatile mixture of blood. That mixture resulted in sister manifesting Malkavian blood and Ambrose as a Lasombra with the shadow of the Malkavian line still nested inside of him. They believes that whoever made them was disappointed at the failure of the experiment - to make a new bloodline combining the voice within the madness of with the madness that thrives in the shadows of the Abyss. He and his sister are the product of that failure yet they are survivors and did perish when their creator had abandoned their work.

He thinks he is “shite at being a vampire” and his lack of fangs only add to that insecurity. His nerves often get the best of him around other Canities. He is frequently seen trying to stifle vomiting up a dark viscous and shadowy substance when in the direct presence of powerful Cainites and his own clan. On stage and with his fans however is a far different story. Ambrose becomes a different person who is a force of nature. Confident, seductive, and mesmerizing to watch.

While normally non threatening and often awkward and shy, the abyss is a living force within him and when it comes out it is absolutely terrifying. Shadows constantly play about his body and sometimes is hard to tell if he is controlling them or if they are another sentient entity trying to protect and watch over their "child". He takes comfort and finds power in that however he also fears the day that that the voices within that darkness consume him.


  • The band once played a show for the members of the Sword of Caine where he did coke with Sascha "Fuckin" Vykos.
  • Ambrose cannot control the abyss and chaos around him. It is a separate entity that follows him like a sentient beast where ever he goes. Is it trying to protect him or destroy him – no one really knows.
  • Ambrose lost his fangs when and abyssal creature tries to enter the tellurian by coming out of his mouth during his creation.
  • His black eyes are in fact not actually sclera tattoos. They are symptom left over from the night of his embrace. However the story of subconjunctival hemorrhaging in his eyes at his birth is also true.
  • Diablerizes babies when the mood catches him.
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Sign the Guestbook

  • "Hey mate, I know I'm a shite vampire but why you gotta call me out like that? I didn't ask for this but here I am. I may not be killin it like you nutters on your wakko crusade but at least I'm killin it up on stage each night an' makin the Cammies sweat in their heels. You may be the sword, but we are your propaganda machine, and darlin' you are gonna need one. " - Ambrose Noble
  • " I didn't think much of Ambrose until I heard him play. Then, I realized I was embroiled in a steamy, drug-filled affair that last to this day. Ambrose is fucking amazing, and don't let anyone tell you differently. I need to change my pants." - Mordechai
  • "This dude is fucking awesome and he puts up with me. It's always good to meet family" - Helen
  • "I am such a fanboy for Justicar. When I saw him at the casino, I just about had a heart attack. I have all the Justicar figurines on display in my study. My favorite song of theirs is "Punk-ass Prisci" -Tanahashi Ito, Praetor of the Southwest Unblinded Brotherhood
  • "I wish I had met this one sooner. His talents are not wasted where they are, but they could be so much more." -Madeleine Tonnerre
  • (turning several shades of red) "Oh - I - ah... Arch - I mean... Ambrose isn't at all what I'd have expected of a member of the Sabbat. He gets a lot of what I deal with I think, it's nice to meet another person who is so in tune with humanity. I like the way he thinks - he's incredibly well-spoken and insightful. It's clever, you know - hiding in plain sight like that. We have more in common than one might think." - Teagan Anderson

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Musical Inspirations

OOC Information

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Location: Southern Utah (SW Sabbat Virtual - In Zion's Shadows)

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