Ambrose Quincy Goddard

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Ambrose Quincy Goddard

Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent Alliance
Titles: Setite Doyen of Eastern Massachusetts
Player: Jason S.
Domain: Boston, MA
VST: Aaron van Dessel.


Description and Notable Traits

  • Long, curly hair that falls to mid-back.
  • Skin is grayish or sallow and often takes a green cast, occasionally manifesting patches that resemble scales or rough skin.
  • Eyes, behind glasses, either surrounded with green glitter or sunken in.
  • Favors green, gray, and black in his dress.

Status Traits


  • Accredited by the Independent Alliance.


  • Commander, Celebrated, Prominent as the Setite Doyen of Eastern Massachusetts.


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History: Timeline

  • Late 1790s: Born in the New England area.
  • Early 1810s: As a teenager, gets involved in the shipping trade — in particular, the Triangle trade that connected Jamaican sugar, Boston molasses and rum, and African slaves. It's working this trade that he first comes into contact with people from Africa and the Caribbean, which brings him into contact with the Followers of Set.
  • 1820: Embraced.
  • 1840-1850: Opium Wars. Involved in the American side of the opium trade that the Setites facilitate. Reads De Quincey, becomes fascinated by the notion of reverie and dreams as a way to ease the ache of the passage of time.
  • 1904: Aleister Crowley writes his Book of the Law and introduces the idea of the Scarlet Woman. This, in Ambrose’s mind, becomes woven together with the idea of the goddess Nut, mother of Set, as well as a syncretism of other gods. Acquires Crowley’s diaries. Writes “The Woman in White and Red,” an occult monograph on the idea of blending opium use and goddess worship.
  • 1919: Great Molasses Flood. Returns to Boston to attend to business and see what remains.
  • 1940s-1960s: Heroin trade surges via the French Connection. Networks are built, trade is established, connections made. The dirty business of running drugs takes its toll on Ambrose, and he turns to his explorations of faith. Takes on a mentor and begins to walk the Road of Pleasure.
  • 1970s-1980s: Returns to the Northeast to become the figurehead of a menagerie akin to those who hung around Andy Warhol’s Factory. Operates a nightclub akin to NYC’s Limelight. Profits off the club-kid scene for as long as it lasts.
  • 1990s: Completes his journey, adopts the Path of Ecstasy. As his humanity diminishes, the more casual hangers-on vanish, leaving only the most dedicated and depraved as his entourage.
  • 2011: Independent Alliance forms and takes hold on the Cape. As someone with ties to Boston, it's established that he should step forward and lead the Setites’ efforts there. Teams up with Adamo Giovanni di Casali, who names him to the post of Virago in the nascent Barnstable County domain.
  • 2012: Embraces Becky Fuchs.
  • 2017: After new legislation passes, a casino is built in the township of Everett, the first within the domain of Boston. Moves in, coopts the thing.
  • 2018: Ascends to the position of Doyen.


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Allies, Associates, and Enemies


  • "Ana's sire? Oh, she tells you quite a story, I'm sure. There's only one who knows the real story, and one night, I will learn it." -- Jack Rider
  • "The more he talks the more ya grow to like him. That can be a dangerously good thing." -- Cillian Grey
  • "I was told he was responsible, and it's true. The Doyen is very polite and answers most of the questions I have to ask him. It doesn't exactly reduce the number of questions, but I've become mostly accustomed to that." -- Sibylla Kerczechov
  • "Words words words, terrible words." -- Visible Name