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General Information

Name: Ambrose Laskaris
Deed Name: Silverheart
Rank: Athro
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Silver Fang
Faction: Sanctum of Gaia
House: Wise Heart
Lodge: Moon
Pack: Seker's Light under Firebird
Lineage: Laskaris

Notable Traits:

  • Heroic Lineage (Silver Fang)



"Ambrose is more an than Alpha to me - he's been watching out for me since I first became Garou so many years ago. He is family in the truest sense of the word, regardless of what blood we do or do not share. I would follow him into hell itself with full confidence that he will lead me back out." - Kassandra Vassos

"Ambrose....where to start. He can be a bit too judgmental at times, as in the case of my conception and break with tradition, which was necessary. But he's still family, even if we don't see eye to eye on certain matters and don't talk to each other much anymore." - Nikoleta Vassos

"Ambrose has guided me since my youth in areas where few dare to tread. When I found his cousin was to marry my brother, it seemed as though it has always been meant that way." - Sylvi Anker

"I have watched my Alpha grow from a young and eager wolf into a wise and focused leader. As our friendship has grown so too has my pride in knowing such a Garou. It is my honor to fight by his side." - Zeina Sabry

"There are the puzzles that entertain, the puzzles that frustrate, the puzzles that teach. Ambrose is the puzzle that has taught me much, in turn I will ever remain the puzzle that frustrates. A relationship that has and will persist until we are called home." - Broken Promise

"Ambrose and I tend to politely argue over how I was educated. He draws on instinct and I was trained in pure logic. Yet both of us are skilled scholars. Our debates can get quite weird." - Troyan Laskaris

"He fears for me, I know he does. Ambrose-Rhya has spent many a night and day trying to show me how to be a better, more thoughtful Garou. Thoughtful not only in deed, but in action as well by contemplating possible outcomes before running head long into an ambush. His patience and guidance is such that it makes him the best of our teachers, not only to the Silver Fang tribe, but the nation as whole." - Samira Swift Cataclysm

"I am glad to hear that Ambrose has taken the mantle of Sept Leader in Puerto Rico because he is the sort of man I can respect in that position. He does not point at the enemies and expect others to fight it for him. He values the opinions of others, considering them before following what his mind tells him instead of blindly following his heart. I was proud to fight beside him when we reclaimed that island from the Wyrm and I will answer the call to fight beside him again should he howl." - Thrall Larssen

"I have known Ambrose for as long as he danced in the games of the greater Houses. In truth, such an oddity. A competent idealist, tinged by the subtle hints of a realist, if only ever so slightly. I often wonder if he is not a reborn ancestor spirit, so rare is the virtues of the ancient warrior-scholars in these times which he holds as his personal creedo. But old soul or young, my friend and I walk two diverging pathways in the corridors of power among the tribe. It pains me to know that such a good friend of mine is unable to see the past the caricatures of his own idealism, to view the world plainly in the shades of gray which linger between the shadows. My only solace comes from knowing that eventually he will understand the truth of our plight and join me in our final, spiteful stand in this doomed war." - Aleksei Gagarin

"Ambrose has been a mentor to me, seeing the leadership that I hold within my veins and within my soul and has nurtured that like few others have. His ability to see the best in people even when they see the worst in themselves is perhaps one of his greatest skills, beyond his wisdom he is kind when it merits it, firm when necessary, and at all times that I have ever witnessed it... he is ultimately just. This is the wolf that I know as Ambrose Silverheart." - James LaCoix

"For most of my life, trusting Garou has led to pain, whether the pain of seeing them kill my family and friends, or the pain of betrayal. Ambrose is among the first Garou in many years to give me hope of never feeling that pain. We do not always agree, but we are forthright with each other and both of us know we fight for the same end." - Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees

"Ambrose is a Garou with the repute of a great Leader. Even to say that is a fraction of the true description of his capabilities to lead his Sept and those who ally with it or himself. There are less than a handful of Garou that can gain the kind of respect that he has gained with the local Rokea or even in general to those of the Breed that interacts with UnSea. He understands we have our own laws and ways but that we are a mighty Breed to be reckoned with and a great ally to his local Sept. I am heartened that he does not force Fera to join the Nation just to work together." - Priscilla Lamnidae

"I've fought beside this garou many times over the past few decades to ensure that Gaia survives the Apocalypse. He has seen me at my worst and my best, yet we have maintained a working relationship that I will always value. His wisdom and insight is something that many would benefit from." - Clickbait Luciano

"Ambrose is an old soul, and one who has fought at the front lines of many battles. He has the respect of much of the Tribe, and it is well deserved from what I have heard and seen over the years." - Madison Walsh

"Ambrose means well in all that he does - whether it is leading by example, uncovering secrets hidden far from common eyes, and mentoring those in dire need of guidance. Let it be said, however, that even the best intentions can have dire consequences. Even so, Ambrose abides by those consequences with honor and dignity - something this Nation could use a great deal more of." - Morena's Lament

"He is a leader who can listen to others and believes in what they have to say even if their skills are difficult to prove. Encouraging and respectful, just as all the stories say one of rank should be". Annika

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  • You aren't one of those baby killing types are ya??
  • Is prone to making promises, but not keeping them.
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