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  • Clan: Gargoyle
  • Embraced date: 1865
  • Sire: Apocryphus
  • Generation status: Elder
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Status: Confirmed, Established, Priviledged.

General Information

Amelia does not remember anything of her human life, however, she has been told she was the daughter of a Ventrue ghoul. It was during that time that the Gargoyle Apocryphus took an interest in her, often providing him solace when he wanted/needed it. She was known to be quiet, intelligent, and had a wildly adventurous heart.

Amelia was Embraced as she lay dying amid her father's burning estate in the year of 1865

With Apocryphus as her Sire, she became his protege and mate, traveling with him and taking many contracts. They became a formidable pair, never far from each other.

Physical Appearance

Amelia is an Elder of the Camarilla. She stands just shy of 6 feet tall. She is a beautiful and broken creature if you can appreciate the look of aged stonework. Not smooth like sculpted marble, but smooth from weathering. She is a lighter gray in color, with bluish hues mixed in that resemble moss that has grown on stone. Some of her coloring is marred with darker streaks as if she’s stood in the rain too long.

Amelia has striking cynical blue eyes that seem to stare into your soul. Her hair is ashen colored and falls free, again, streaked with bluish stains. Horns that sweep back from her forehead, curling as a ram’s horn might. Her left horn is broken and jagged. She has large, fully functional wings that are tattered in places; her tail is always nervously swishing like a cat hunting for prey, barely sweeping the ground as it moves.

She wears almost all black… combat style boots that reach mid-calf, black form-fitting pants and shirt. She also wears a long black jacket that hides a 454 Casull that is always strapped to her thigh… the jacket's hood is used to help hide her features at times. There is also an eerie presence to her, always smelling of burnt ash, and of you happen to come in physical contact with her, she is warm… almost as though living blood courses through her undead veins

  • character inspiration from my Pinterest board [1]


  • 1865 Embraced by Apocryphus
  • 1963 Made Atlanta home
  • 2014 Believed to have perished in a fight with Hunters
  • 2018 Returns to Atlanta; previous whereabouts unknown

Theme Music


  • Feel free to add whatever you feel fitting
  • She enjoys her guns maybe a little TOO much.
  • She's really shy, just doesn't act like it.
  • Amelia HATES mortals.


  • I’m standing in the ashes of who I used to be ~ Halsey
  • Do not let us mistake necessary evils for good. ~ C.S. Lewis
  • They made you into a weapon and told you to find peace…


OOC Information

Player: Donna T.
Player Email:
Storyteller: Nathan A.
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Location: Atlanta, GA