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Character Description


Name: Amelia Thunder

Deed Name: None

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Glass Walker - Born into Silver Fang (Mom-kin) GlassWalker (Dad-Garou)

House: None she claims

Auspice: Galliard

Place of Birth: UK

Notable Traits: Electric Blue hair and a lightning bolt painted over her left eye as makeup to hide her module. And a strange metal glove she wears on her hand.

Sept: Sept of Travler's Respite, Saint John, NB, Canada

Sept Position: OnyxPath-Galliard.png Talesinger OnyxPath-Galliard.png

Pack: Racoon

Rank: Fostern

Gender: female

Age: 28

Height: 5' 10"

Employment: Rally Race Car Drvier.


Notable Traits:

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Fiercely Competitive
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Speaks with a strong British accent
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Has electric blue hair
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Is a racer through and through


OnyxPath-Galliard.png 1990 - Born in UK to Morgan Hildebrand, SilverFang Kin and James Lightning, Glasswalker Garou
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2006 - First Change after a accident almost kills her.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2006 - Loses her father to Vampires
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2008 - Has a huge falling out with her Mom. Leaves Saint John.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2009 - Goes on Tour rally racing meets Conner.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2018 - Hears there is trouble in Saint John comes to try to convince her mom to leave. Gets caught in an umbral storm and doesn't make it in time.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2019 - Appears in the Sept of Travler's Respite 1 year later in Saint John. Finds out her mom was killed in the refinery explosion a year ago. Joins the Sept to try to give her mom justice.

Public Information

OnyxPath-Galliard.png If it's got an engine she can drive it.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png If its got a chip she can hack it.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png It it needs to die. She can shoot it or shock it.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Tends to stay global, doesn't like to stay in one place long.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Famous (2) Rally RaceCar Driver & was junior motocross champion.


OnyxPath-Galliard.png Mother, Morgan Hildebrand was Silver Fang Kin that broke free of the stereotype eventually divorcing her match-made husband.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Mom married James Lightening, a GlassWalker, Corporate Car Tycoon and Racer, Amelia's Dad.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Her mother Morgan Hildebrand died when the refinery exploded in 2018.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Her father was killed by Vampires in 2006.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Her Silver Fang Uncle and Brother currently live at the Sept of Travler's Respite.

Her Home





OnyxPath-Galliard.png Hates Vampires
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Curious about the world around her.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Always daring herself to go further push harder.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Against archaic bollicks practices like arranged marriages
OnyxPath-Galliard.png A Kinfolk beat her in drinking once. Once.
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Quotes by Amelia

OnyxPath-Galliard.png "Bend over and I'll remove that Silver Fang stick out of your ass. then we can talk."
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Quotes About Amelia

OnyxPath-Galliard.png"Ahh, there's that Silver Fang pride. I knew it was in you!" - [Elizabeth Tvarivich]

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Friends, allies, and others

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Elizabeth Tvarivich
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Bernard "Saint"
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OOC Information

Player: Ness Klohn


Story Teller: Chris Fougere

ST Staff list:

VSS: Sept of Travler's Respite