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Character Description


Name: Amelia

Deed Name: "Thunder"

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Glass Walker - Born into Silver Fang (Mom-kin) GlassWalker (Dad-Garou)

House: None she claims

Auspice: Galliard

Place of Birth: UK

Notable Traits: Electric Blue hair and a lightning bolt painted over her left eye as makeup to hide her module. And a strange metal glove she wears on her hand.

Sept: Sept of Travler's Respite, Saint John, NB, Canada

Sept Position: OnyxPath-Galliard.png Talesinger OnyxPath-Galliard.png

Pack: None

Rank: Fostern

Gender: female

Age: 28

Height: 5' 10"

Employment: Rally Race Car Drvier.


Notable Traits:

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Fiercely Competitive
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Speaks with a strong British accent
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Has electric blue hair
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Is a racer through and through


OnyxPath-Galliard.png 1990 - Born in UK to Morgan Hildebrand, SilverFang Kin and James Lightning, Glasswalker Garou
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2006 - First Change after a accident almost kills her.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2006 - Loses her father to Vampires
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2008 - Has a huge falling out with her Mom. Leaves Saint John.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2009 - Goes on Tour rally racing meets Conner.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2018 - Hears there is trouble in Saint John comes to try to convince her mom to leave. Gets caught in an umbral storm and doesn't make it in time.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 2019 - Appears in the Sept of Travler's Respite 1 year later in Saint John. Finds out her mom was killed in the refinery explosion a year ago. Joins the Sept to try to give her mom justice.

Public Information

OnyxPath-Galliard.png If it's got an engine she can drive it.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png If its got a chip she can hack it.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png It it needs to die. She can shoot it or shock it.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Tends to stay global, doesn't like to stay in one place long.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Famous (2) Rally RaceCar Driver & was junior motocross champion.


OnyxPath-Galliard.png Mother, Morgan Hildebrand was Silver Fang Kin that broke free of the stereotype eventually divorcing her match-made husband.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Mom married James Lightening, a GlassWalker, Corporate Car Tycoon and Racer, Amelia's Dad.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Her mother Morgan Hildebrand died when the refinery exploded in 2018.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Her father was killed by Vampires in 2006.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Her Silver Fang Uncle and Brother currently live at the Sept of Travler's Respite.


OnyxPath-Galliard.png Hates Vampires
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Curious about the world around her.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Always daring herself to go further push harder.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Against archaic bollicks practices like arranged marriages
OnyxPath-Galliard.png A Kinfolk beat her in drinking once. Once.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Is currently debating the merit in joining the NASCAR circuit.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Nobody escapes her RV....nobody.
OnyxPath-Galliard.png (Feel free to add your own)

Quotes by Amelia

OnyxPath-Galliard.png "Bend over and I'll remove that Silver Fang stick out of your ass. then we can talk."
OnyxPath-Galliard.png " Action follows thought, No one dies today, see it in your mind, know it in your heart. Victory will be ours."
OnyxPath-Galliard.png " 6 Gaians is a pack, 20 Gaians is a Sept, 50 Gaians is a strike force..... but 100... 100 IS an Army."
OnyxPath-Galliard.png "No - Unicorn is not gone forever. She lives in every Child of Gaia. With every act of peace, healing and compassion you honour her, you remember her, and in those moments she is with you."
OnyxPath-Galliard.png (Feel free to add your own)

Quotes About Amelia

OnyxPath-Galliard.png"Ahh, there's that Silver Fang pride. I knew it was in you!" - Elizabeth Tvarivich
OnyxPath-Galliard.png"Lia-chan..she took the time to comfort me many times in my panicked state. She's one amazing woman, truly and I hope to be able to call her my friend." - Azumi Akahoshi
OnyxPath-Galliard.png"She knows who she is and what she's about. Quick-witted; practical; no over-abundance of ego; tells a good story. Cockroach should be proud." - 'Spector
OnyxPath-Galliard.png "An absolute blast to be around and super smart! I would totally love to work with her again!" - Rumor "Burn Out" Hart
OnyxPath-Galliard.png "Seeing her face was somewhat jarring, at first, because it had been some years since last I laid eyes upon Morgan. After getting to know Amelia, I'm uncertain how she found her way into my heart so quickly, but not disappointed that she has. I can count on one paw without using all the digits the number of times a Garou has shown me such unstinting and unhesitating kindness." - The Road to Hell

Friends, allies, and others

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Elizabeth Tvarivich
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Bernard "Saint"
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Conner
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Okamitomo


OnyxPath-Galliard.png Norm Hildebrand, Half-Brother
OnyxPath-Galliard.png Uncle Elmer Hildebrand
OnyxPath-Galliard.png 'Cousin' Road to Hell
OnyxPath-Galliard.png (Feel free to add yourself)

Lia's Traveling Tales

The Past

OnyxPath-Galliard.png "Thunder Comes After Lightning - Tale of Lia's Deed Name 'Thunder'

OnyxPath-Galliard.png "Acid Baths - Not Recommended for Cliaths" - How Lia Got her Armour Mod

OnyxPath-Galliard.png "A Disarming Adventure" - How Lia Got her Arm Fetish"Storm

The Present

OnyxPath-Galliard.png "Team Road Runner Catches Coyote" - Sept of Storm's Shelter, Des Moines, Iowa

OnyxPath-Galliard.png "Gaia's Army - Justice For Unicorn " - Sept of Storm's Shelter, Des Moines, Iowa

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Hail the Victorious Clickbait! - May He Always Be Remembered!

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Rescue Royale - Another Leech Bites the Dust

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Spider Cleanse Song

Talesinger's Log - Sept of Travler's Respite

Travler's Respitebanner1.jpg

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Danger in The Doorway

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Tale of the Vanishing House

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Mountain's Last Breath - By Hope Windsong

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Dexter's Lesson

OnyxPath-Galliard.png Best Laid Plans - Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Brujah?

Her Home




OOC Information

Player: Ness Klohn


Story Teller: Chris Fougere

ST Staff list:

VSS: Sept of Travler's Respite