Amira Kanaan

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Amira Kanaan




Aliases: Arabella Patrelli
Location:Thunder Bay, Ontario
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
Lineage: N/A
Titles: Former Seneschal, Lady, Current Primogen

Status: Noble, Acknowledged


Tall and slender. She has a predatory grace to her. Hair as black as night, eyes an emerald sheen. She always has her hair up and covered with a Hijab, while her face is covered with a niqab. She favours wearing all black to blend in with the night and shadows. With her genteel upbringing, she holds herself with a noble grace. Cold to those that displease her, warm to those that are close to her. Here is her usual outfit, sometimes with a different coat or outfit altogether. AmiraKanaan3.jpg


Melee Weapon: Silver daggers
Melee Weapon: Throwing knives
Melee Weapon: Italian Stiletto knives
Ranged Weapon: Hand guns


Born in the Tuscan countryside in the early 1600's, she climbed the ranks of the nobility and made her human house proud. Nothing of note happened until 1728 when she was embraced by her sire. Training on Alamut until such a time it was considered appropriate for her to take on contracts on her own. Albeit some were supervised for the most part. In 1770 Amira meets Rā’s Al-Tanin and trains along with him, even teaching him a few things. Things are quiet for her for some time. The 1850's roll by and Amira is in the South of the United States where she meets Po. While in the South during the 1850's, she watches over one who she embraces and becomes one of her line. 10 years later in the same area she meets Arne Saknussen, who is quite the Casanova Elder. 1898 she meets Devin and they form a good working relationship. In the early 1900's, she meets and watches another that becomes the second in her line She returns to Alamut and spends the next few decades between there and her other home of Tuscany. She has also done Hajj many times. Relishing in the peacefulness the journey brings her. A lot more comforting than her Catholic upbringing. Becoming a devout Muslim was quite a journey and trial for her, but she is quite steadfast and unwavering in her faith. She spent a brief time in NYC in the 1980's where she met Richard Masters and again in the early 2000's, renewing their friendship. Along with meeting Richard in the 1980's, she also met Janos Kovacs; whom she helped to get away from the Sabbat and looking into the kidnapping of his wife. When 1999 came around and all that had happened, she left Alamut, taking both of her childers and going into hiding with the help of Devin and his brutes . It wasn't until 2015 when she resurfaced again. Going to Hawaii where she met Rā’s Al-Tanin again. During her tenure there, she was hunted, put into torpor, rose to different positions and had formally joined the Camarilla under Elder Prince Luna's Domain. She had stayed under the radar there for a few years to then make her way to Thunder Bay, Canada. Where she now resides. Amira is present with others who attend the Grand Conclave in Phoenix and Tombstone Arizona. She is witness to events that will be changing the Kindred world.



  • "Love is a foolish thing. Yet I find myself falling time and time again."- Anonymous
  • "Come now, did you think you are the only one who can play this game?"- Professor James Moriarty
  • "If you mean by actual age, I think I have you there. But if by how close you are to Haqim..."-Rā's Al-Tanin
  • "Amira is the type of lady you want to treat carefully. Don't confuse that with delicately." Apophis
  • "She is a clean killer, I love it I am messy killer with blood everywhere." Mad dog jack
  • "The last thing you will see is her haunting green eyes as your vision fades to death. Not a threat, just sayin." Unknown
  • "She can be as hot as the Sahara or as cold. You will have to decide if you meet her what is the passion of the day or night running in her veins at that time." Sister Matilda
  • "I feel blessed to have had our paths cross. I always feel safer knowing she's there and looking out for me. We've only met recently, but I would trust her to have my back any night of the week." Teagan Anderson
  • "Like the Desert Thorne-Apple flower, she is beautiful and deadly. The kind of woman that breathes life to my stone cold heart." Po
  • "She's a hell of a fighter. Some of her decisions, though...." Jose Luna
  • She's willing to fight for her conviction and she can be as sweet as she can be dangerous. Ghotail
  • "Primogen Kanaan? I don't know much of her, Which either makes her very effective. Given her clan I have heard of her, She is a very beautiful individual another weapon in her potential arsenal." Hidden Snake
  • "Quote" name


  • With a hint of jasmine on the wind, death surely follows after it.
  • She would as soon fly a dagger at you, than take your hand.
  • Amira is the beauty of the night that, if it's not court business and you see her, will be the last thing you see are her hauntingly emerald green eyes as you fade into your final death. May you rest in peace.
  • She has a string of ex-lovers
  • She has partaken in the consumption of the Heartsblood more than 10 times
  • Po has been trying to get in bed with her since they first met.
  • Has a secret collection of campy romance novels based off of her personal experiences hidden somewhere in her haven.
  • Each year she gorges herself in the blood of an enemy.
  • Your Rumour Here



  • Song Warrior by Beth Crowley
  • Bastet/Sahkmet
  • Selene Underworld
  • Black Widow Avengers
  • Galadriel Lord of the Rings
  • Nimah and Raina Amin Quantico

Ties Sought

  • Grandsire
  • Salubri
  • Clients of the Past
    • From Tuscany, Italy
    • Middle East and Western Europe

Other Characters

  • Aisling Knightingale
  • Francesca Omerta


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