Amis Ward Harlow

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Amis Ward Harlow

House Harlow

Commonly Known Information

Name: Amis Ward Harlow
Notable Traits: Noted for his violet eyes and the cool breezes that seem to follow him
Lineage: House Harlow

Clan: Tremere
City: Atlanta, GA, USA
Sect: Camarilla


Amis was born in the late 13th century outside of Royston in Hertfordshire. He was embraced in the early 1300's by Genevieve Harlow. He is very interested in lore; in the early 1400's, Mila Rurik sponsored his membership into the The Minerva Society. He continues to particpate in that society.

He is known to have been involved in several hunts for infernalists through the centuries working with both members of his clan and others to bring down such creatures. He was believed to have been killed by an infernalist in 1917 as reported by his oldest childe, Benjamin Harlow, who saw him fall during battle at a construction site on Georgia Tech's campus.

He woke in 2015 from torpor with the assistance of Virgil Silex who he had met and assisted with an infernalist matter in the 1400's. After waking, he spent a year or so traveling and becoming acclimated to the modern world. When he returned to Atlanta, he found himself the eldest Tremere resident in the city and assumed the position of clan Primogen.


  • [1311 - 1490] - Lisbon, Portugal
  • [1490 - 1600] - Tangier, Morocco
  • [1600 - 1800] - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • [1800 - 1840] - New York City, NY, USA
  • [1840 - 1917] - Atlanta, GA, USA
  • [1917 - 2015] - missing and presumed dead
  • [2015 - 2017] - traveling in the US to reconnect and acclimatize to the modern world
  • [2017 - present] - Atlanta, GA, USA


  • Rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated, at least two true oracles prophesied his return from torpor decades before he woke.
  • His eyes were once blue, but became violet due to the crimson taint of dark blood magic. Red and blue make purple, remember, but it's just a matter of time til his gaze goes full crimson, then to black.
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  • "Elder Harlow is an urbane, practical Warlock. I dearly wish more of that Clan followed his example." - Ailis Cárthach
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OOC Information

Player: David K.

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Storyteller: Nathan A.

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Location: Atlanta, GA

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