Amitiel "Brother to Many" Custos

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This is a NPC

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Name: Amitiel Custos

Deed Name: Brother to many

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Elder (5)

Position: Sept Alpha

Apparent Age: Mid to late 30's

Physical Description: Amitiel stands over the six and a half foot range, not by much, but between him, Proctor, and Stonewall he is one of the tallest in the Sept. He has an athletic build with good muscle tone that matches more like someone who does physical labor for a living. His coloration of fur in other forms has a mix of a sandy white jacket with a white belly and paws. His demeanor seems to be in a perpetual state of calm, and he has an air of a man one could easily see as a big brother type that always has wisdom and a smile for you. He is easily approachable and has an open door policy for younger people and members of the rank Fostern and lower.

Apparent Merits/Flaws:

Soothing Mein (Children of Gaia)
Soothing Presence (General)

Easy Access Information:

Amitiel is a local, and has been his whole life. He earned his deed name and Cliath rank outside of a right of passage. He is also the Alpha of a pack made up of members of the Sept's leadership.
He was one of the members of the Sept's leadership that was trapped in the Gauntlet for the last six months.
He has been Alpha of the Sept since the death of the last Leader during the Dark Brigade attack on San Diego. He was present and actively fighting during the Dark Brigade's attack on the San Diego sept.
He is known to assist lower rank members of the sept on quests, to watch over them and give them aid during their trials and tasks, but only if asked.


Child of Gaia
Garou Nation