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Amy Fannon




Name: Amy Fannon
Deed Name: "Yes, One of those Fannons"
Tribe: Fianna born, now Corax
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Fostern
Pack: Last Resort


Amy Fannon is a short girl, around 5 feet, and appears to be in her early thirties. Her pale, freckled skin and red hair make her Irish heritage impossible to deny. Even though her large family was rather insular, she's always been the curious type and extremely close to her twin brother Patrick. She has always been a curious, bright free spirit. Her bright, bubbly personality seemed to fade some when Patrick became garou. When he first shifted she became so upset that he was leaving her behind, she went on a wild child binge, that was completely uncharacteristic of her in an attempt to force her own change but it was to no avail. While the shifters in the family were at the caern defending it before it fell, Amy was accidentally bitten by a Corax attempting to save her from Two fallen shifters. Since she shifted into a corax instead of a garou, Amy has been cast out of the family. Even with Mama and Papa’s recent realization that it was done TO her not BY her, she has still maintained her distance from the family. Amy has a passion for seeking out secrets and new experiences, and all around being nosey.

July 7, 1986 - Amy and Patrick Fannon were born July 7th to Douglas and Josephine in San Antonio, TX. The twins are inseparably close.

2003 Patrick shifts for the first time and it sends Amy into a tailspin. She feels as though her brother and best friend is leaving her to join a group where she can't follow. Amy spends most of her nights sneaking out of the house and off of the farm to dangerous areas, putting herself in dangerous situations trying to force her own change. After several weeks, she finally bites off more than she can chew and gets her butt handed to her. When she arrives home beaten and bloody, Mama and Papa find out and put a grinding halt to her nocturnal activities.

2004 In an effort to make Amy feel relevant, Mama begins teaching Amy the more complex and finer points of running the family and the farm.

2008 While the shifters in the family are off defending the caern from the assault that eventually leads to its fall, Amy is at home, keeping the farm safe and the kinfolk calm. She hears a noise outside and grabs a shotgun loaded with silver buckshot before she goes to investigate. Amy is confronted by two crinos fallen shifters, a corax and a garou, that are attacking and feeding on the livestock. Having been left responsible for the lives of the kinfolk and the safety of the farm, Amy levels the shotgun at the intruders and fires, hitting both the shifters enough to wound them. The noise alerts a corax flying on his way to the help at the caern, he swoop in to help her. The shifters both launch themselves at Amy and the now Crinos Corax and maul both of them before killing the Corax and leaving Amy for dead. About 5 minutes pass and Amy’s younger sister Willow comes out to look for her, finding Amy a bloody mess, covered in both wolf bites and odd holes that look like they were inflicted by a large beak. Willow calls for help from the kinfolk and they bring her back to the house and get one of the kin with healing to tend to her until Mama and Papa can get home. When the shifters return, Amy is still gravely wounded but no longer on deaths door, she is healed of her wounds but does not seem to recover. Instead she is felled by an illness that no one can seem to cure. For 28 days she is wracked by terrible pain and hallucinations, her parents and her sibilings taking turns watching over her, until one afternoon, as the sun hit its zenith over the hills, a bloody and brutal scene unfolds as Amy shifts for the first time. Instead of a werewolf like the rest of her family, Amy has become a corax.
Mama and Papa are shocked and horrified, and after she has regained her strength, she is pushed by her family to search of another of her kind to teach her how to be a Corax. She goes to her sister Maeve, who introduces her to Henrietta a/k/a Hank, who shows her the ropes or rather, the wings and branches.

2009 Amy has made her way to Atlanta, Georgia where she works as a waitress at a restaurant not far from some wyrm owned multicorps eeking out a living while trying to do her duty and watch as all good Corax do.

2010 Patrick finds his way to Amy. He too has been cast out of the family. A squirmish with the wyrm had left him gravely wounded and well-meaning pack mate augmented him with cybernetic limbs while he recovered from his other injuries.

2014 After many years of silence, save a few care packages secretly sent, Mama and Papa reach out to Amy. With the recognition of "The Bite" by the Garou nation, they finally realized what had happened to her that night, Amy had unintentionally been bitten by her would be rescuer. It is, in both Amy and Patrick's opinion, too little too late, but Amy tries to maintain at least somewhat civil terms with their parents. She even returns home once to see them.

2015- present Amy remains with Patrick in Atlanta, slowly rebuilding some sort of relationship with their family. Nothing is ever the same, Amy still harbors a great deal of resentment towards them for throwing her and Patrick out when it became apparent they were different, through no fault of their own.



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