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I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self. - Aristotle
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

Personal Information

Full Name: Amyntas of Macedon
Date of Birth: 365 BCE
Embrace: 336 BCE
Apparent Age: Thirties
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Elder
Position: Prince
City: San Francisco, CA


  • Authority (Abiding) as Prince of San Francisco
  • Commander (Abiding) as Prince of San Francisco
  • Sovereign (Abiding) as Prince of San Francisco
  • Confirmed (Abiding) as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Established (Abiding) as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Privileged (Abiding) as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Loyal (Prestigious Sire) as the Childe of Critias
  • Acclaimed (Fleeting) by word of Primogen Meyer of San Francisco
  • Courteous (Fleeting) by word of Prince Saharat of Raleigh
  • Victorious (Fleeting) by the Symbel Duel of the Dawning September

RP Hooks

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Allies and Enemies


To most, Amyntas is a kindred who has seen the birth and death knell of millenia, and in his eyes is reflected the passions and incredible pains of that long experience, stretching by some accounts back to the hallowed antiquity of Carthage and before. In public he is seen as a figure more elemental than man, possessing a calm and iron mien tinged only by an earnest love of humanity that cannot quite be concealed behind the staid visage of a hoary elder.

He has been quintessential teacher to many, and has been known to be a firm but patient and warm mentor. He has known lovers and true friendship in the state of undeath, and refuses to believe that cruelty and hypocrisy is the virtue of Kindred. He would argue that it is merely the virtue of the weak. A few have remarked that he moves as though he was the inheritor of the ideals of Carthage, a subject on which he will simply not speak about.

What is distinctly true is that he is remarkably humane, and undeniably just. Even to the occasional expense of self. His philosophy is Entelechy and he espouses and epitomizes three truths: inner strength, self control, courage. This has created over time a being that others may scorn for his holier-than-thou bearing, yet one that rallies the hearts and minds of the young and old alike, igniting passions and ideals in others that they may have thought long dead.

  The Rurik Children

Mila.png KR8.jpg Sofiya1.png

Rumors, Truths, and Lies


He stole his eldest childe, Mila, from Carden.


  • "Quotey Quotes" - yournamehere
  • "He made me an offer that I was simply unable to refuse. I know the price you paid was worth it, although there is very little that would not be." - Elijah Zacheaus
  • "He labors around the Strophalos of Hecate, and in return she draws a circle about him, deosil. " - Anaïs Palomer
  • "Prince Amyntas? He has strong sense of leadership and is a progressive thinker, qualities I deeply admire. I am beyond proud to serve under his domain. He will do wonders for the city of San Francisco... " - Katheryn Maria Benoit
  • "He is one of my oldest and most staunch allies - and dare I say it, even my friend, at times." - Meliora
  • "He is all that a daughter could want in a father. He is the one person I trust implicitly, and without reserve. There are none who can compare." - Mila Rurik
  • "Amyntas, the Elder Son of Critias, proponent of Entelechy, and Idealist is an old friend and I call him brother. He is best described by a statement from Epicetus the Stoic: Do not explain your philosophy, embody it. However another Greek's words, Diogenes the Cynic, gives my only criticism of my brother better than I ever could: Of what use is a philosopher who doesn't hurt anybody's feelings?" - Carden d'Vergobret
  • "Much of what I am tonight comes from this man. Yes, I said "man." Do not make that face at me, childe. He has maintained the compassion so many of us lose to the ages, so he has earned that honored title. And he was a prince of a man long before he ever took praxis, more than he even knows." - Madeleine Tonnerre
  • "I have heard Amyntas compared to Plato and to Locke, but I think the more apt comparison is to Alexander or Caesar. The understanding may ring true, but unlike the frail philosopher, Amyntas has the drive and the power to make his dreams manifest. But never forget this; one can never weigh an empire the same as any single life." - Augustin de Aragón
  • "The Buddha once said 'when the student is ready the teacher will appear.' Well I didn't know it when I came to San Francisco but I was ready and my teacher was there to guide me." - Rain
  • "A man of refined tastes, clearly. Look to those of his lineage and all that they are capable of and then ask yourself is he really a man you desire to cross at any juncture?" - Salomé St. John
  • "I would not be who I am without him, and that is the highest praise I can give." - Seamus Montague
  • "Have you ever like wanted to be all like, "I am going to fucking kill someone" and then someone kept making you like calm all like the fuck down and like it was all damn it? That's like him. He like never like ever loses his cool. And I like REALLY want to make him." - Karma
  • "Each of us carries a reminder of the first time our paths crossed. Mutual respect has blinded my own good eye to his continued existence, and my ears refuse to hear his footfalls. If neither of us sees the other, upon what grit can the pearl of vengeance be formed and polished?" - Greybeard
  • "So much of who I am, so much of what I have become, I owe to the foundations that were broken down and rebuilt by this man when I was so very, very young. We see far too little of one another, yet for me, at least, every night of my existence is yet a reminder of the lessons he instilled within me." - Desmond Aldred
  • "One of the first to teach me of Entelechy. But he represents it as more than knowledge, it is a living example. One that carefully put me back together when required; renewing my purpose, strength, and courage" - Verity Adams
  • "My father is steadfast, wise, and powerful. His words will carry as far as the strength of his arm, and I have learned much from his tutelage. He holds my trust, and my strength." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "Man has been a lifesaver over and over. a light in the dark. Yeah you laugh, because I am what I am, but balance is key and the dark...well it needs the light." - Lorena Silva
  • "Han snakker om rettferdighet. Han snakker med lidenskap. Han burde vite at handlinger overtaler seg bedre enn å snakke. Jeg kaller ham venn, uansett." - Olaf
  • "My grandsire was the one who taught me Heraclitus and helped me understand the most important concept that learned man said. "No man steps in the same river twice. For it is not the same river and he is not the same man." Pay more attention to those Elders who are careful with their words, they usually only speak when they have something worth saying." - Heinrich Rurik
  • "One of the few Kindred who seems to value honesty and integrity in Harpy reports." - James Miller
  • "Passion and ambition is not enough when trying to create something of worth. It must be complemented with temperance and wisdom if one is to achieve true greatness. My grandsire and mentor embodies this statement as one of the true philosopher kings." - Don Vittorio Cuoronero
  • "For all of the times that I get accused of being a Brujah it doesn't surprise me that I see eye-to-eye with Amyntas on a lot of things. It's rare to find a Kindred, let alone a Prince, that I can trust to act and think reasonably similar to myself and so I suppose his ascension to the throne is part of why I have stuck around in San Francisco for this long." - Peyton Fetterly
  • "He's one of the gentler forces in one of the weightier cliques dancing about the ball room. Which is to say his politics are impeccable, his reign just and fair, and his power absolute. He does not, however, enjoy the lighter things in life, and carries with him a grave weight. I once made him angry, a rare achievement for the Cold Fire of the Bay Side City." - Cornelia Mowebary
  • "Prince Amyntas has been kind to me. He is not at all what I expected." - Joshua Blanc
  • "Some would say that he took everything from me when he took Praxis of San Francisco. But what people don't know is that he gave me something far more valuable in return- a renewed purpose. Artists become stale when they are too comfortable. I was thrown off a very fine saddle and learned how to walk again." - Winifred Harriet Mickel
  • "I have known Amyntas the Prince, the Philosopher King. I have seen him be as the Father and the Teacher. I have seen Amyntas the angry, the forlorn, the sorrowful; the righteous and the just. The Brujah and the Elder. Perhaps it is my good fortune or the fate’s kindness smiling upon me, to see what so few have been allowed to see. Beyond the outside, beyond what the world gets to see. It is those precious, crystalline moments that I treasure, that I call to my mind before my sleep. The soft, pure threads of our woven memories together. To know the truth of a person, even after so long. " - Siobhan McKenna
  • "I sometimes forget he is Brujah and not banu Haqim. Not that he is any less warrior scholar; but more that I forget he has not always been with me." - Rumi
  • "My father is my greatest teacher. Patience and wisdom, in tune with strength and fury. All he has taught I have taken heed of; remember that." - Konstantin Rurik
  • "Mind. Body. Passion. Control. Yes, he understands the challenges we face and what drives us to strength." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "I do not know this Prince well, but his public actions present his failings: He is overly kind, defers to his lessers (even going so far as to physically put himself below them), and shows difficulty in making decisions. If he were not so renowned, I would assume he was not long for this world." - Paolo Giovanni
  • "I do not claim to know him well, or at all for that matter, but he knew precisely what to say at the time it needed saying. Elder Prince Amyntas has earned my respect and I would do just about anything for him." - Pollux Xenos
  • "All the way to Reno to meet the most erudite and eloquent Brujah in existence...and for a cammie, he isn't half bad." - Barrett Poyner
  • "Prince Amyntas has given me pause to reconsider my opinions on the Brujah clan. He is man who knows what true power is, and more importantly, how to properly wield it." - Maksim Volk
  • "I met the Elder Prince on one occasion. That was enough to fix in my mind that this was a Brujah, a kindred , and a man worth remembering. That he has existed for these ages and still recalls what it is to be of livving flesh and blood - that, among many other virtues, makes him worthy of respect. He has mine." - Kha ibn Hafaz Al-Basir
  • "To be thus balanced, fulcrum between us, such distance from one another. Shall I call "ally" the Prince of the Bay I have never met? I have unveiled too many spells to be this naive, and he is far too old to be anything close to stupid. I'll be heartened just with him allowing me to cede the floor on our first meeting." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "To him I am grateful for freeing me from my bonds of fear and hatred. I am concerned for what he must face in what is coming however. I know that as he learns he will make the right choice. But I am concerned if it will be too late to make the right choice." - Hidden Snake
  • "I look up to my brother, he has taught me much. As my longest friend in this life, I owe him more than anyone else, except our sire... Should he need me, I am there. His enemies are mine and his friends will always see mercy at my hand even if it pains me." - Brunihild
  • "Prince Amyntas is an honorable and just host. Rare is it that an Elder Prince of the Tower would offer true hospitality to a member of the Sword. Not with the great risk inherent in doing so."- Astraea

Player: Janus Pastor

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