Ana Grace

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This is the tale of a dame...

Clan: Follower of Set
Sect: Independent Alliance
Position: Emissary to New York City; Guardian of Boston's Sacred Spaces
Sire: Ambrose Quincy Goddard
Broodmate: Becky Fuchs

...who she was, and who she is...

Pirate: She was captured by Jack Rider in the early 1700's. A fixture on the Bad Penny, she pillages and raids ships in the Carribbean. It's widely known that Jack has some sort of weather witch on board, as the seas become troubled and skies darken whenever the Bad Penny is closing in for the kill.

Trader: She opens up her "Fair Winds" trading house on Pearl Street in 1745. The Manhattan post allows pirates, merchant ships, and the land-based craftsman to sell their wares at a fair price (plus house commission!) "Fair Winds" is known to provide munitions and goods for the Revolutionary soldiers.

Lady: She invests her gains into flourishing Federalist America and grows fabulously wealthy, indulging in the most modern of luxuries and the highest of fashions. Even as the top floors of her properties became safe spaces and gathering places for the Camarilla Elite, the Anarchs were smuggling themselves through the basements.

Eccentric: As the bored rich often do, she dabbles in the occult and forms a group of other bored rich seeking meaning in their lives. The "Madison Mums" attend seances, hold workshops with automatic writers, try to contact otherworldy forces and generally make a mess of themselves.

Occultist: After reading and praising "The Woman in Red and White," a treatise on the Nuit mythos and goddess worship, she insinuates herself into the social circles of one Ambrose Goddard. He became her sire in 1904.

Crime Boss: The Depression made savages out of everyone, and none so savage as she. Hiring a well-armed group of thugs and mercenaries to recoup the art and antiquities she sold to the bankers and businessmen of the 20's, she made double profit reselling them to the financiers of the post-war boom.

Priestess: Egypt gifts the Temple of Dendur, a Neo-Roman structure, to the US in 1965. Putting considerable money and influence behind her, she ensures that the Temple is granted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1967. It takes 11 years to fully catalog and make study of the Temple, and it opens to the public in 1978. The Setites consecrate it the same year.

Independent: Attending the conclave of Giovanni and Setites in 2011, she marvels at the idea that the two clans could become lead players instead of working in the shadows. While NYC hasn't joined her in this ideal, she finds hope in the growing IA of Boston and plans to improve her standing in the courts on the East Coast.

...she's stepping out with a swell..."

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"'s strictly zircons and beads..."

Rumors fly when Ana is around.

  • "Nee-chan! Nah, I just say that to bug her. But she's the best older sister a girl could ask for." - Becky Fuchs

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Player: Jillian Christensen

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Storyteller: VST Marshall Crutchfield

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Location: New York City, NY