Ana Michaud

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Ana Michaud/Strikes The Wrym's Heart

Rank: Fostern

Monikers: Champion

Sept: Sept of the Eastern Skies

Pack: Section


Ana is a new garou who came into the Sept thinking she was kinfolk. She's a child of the foster care and justice system, fresh out of juvenile detention. She's always seen in a hat and favors the color yellow.

Newly 18, Ana has been on and off the streets for most of her life, bouncing between foster care and homelessness, before ultimately ending up in juvenile detention at 16. While now she is known for her power in battle and distrust of human law, there was a time when she was more settled down. Ana speaks of a time before she turned 5, where she lived with her mother, who she now suspects is kinfolk. The memories are fuzzy, however, as Ana was taken from her mother as a 5 year old.


  • When Ana moves it becomes clear that there is something written on the inside/underside of her hat.
  • Ana's story about how she got sent to juvie is always changing.


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OOC Information

Player: Paige H.

Player Email:

Storyteller: Daniel C.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Boston, MA