Anadia Hughes

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Anadia Hughes
“There is no frigate like a book.” Emily Dickinson

Name: Anadia Hughes
Clan: Malkavian
Social Class: Luminary Elder

Acknowledged as a member of good standing of the Ivory Tower
Confirmed, Privileged, Established as Elder
Loyal Prince T.S. Abrams
Courteous Prince Marcus Kostikolv

I Notable Traits: Petite, curvy, dark haired brunette with hazel eyes, she has no distinguishing features. Occasionally wears glasses, though not to see. She is frequently in Regency era clothing, though not when she must interact with mortals.

Inspirations Emily Dickenson, Jane Austin, Librarians, Bibliophiles


A Little Background
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Originally from Wales, she spent many years in a convent. The books she read opened her mind to the possibility of so much more. Books and knowledge are power and power can distort.

After her embrace by Necross, she spent much of her time across Europe saving important texts from the ravages of negligence, plague, and war. Her connections to the greatest libraries and smallest book stores gave her an opportunity to read anything published. While she currently prefers light reading, her unlife has been spent with her nose deep in the most complex books.

In the 19th century she came to America to immerse herself in its libraries. She took her time through the Library of Congress and then followed the Carnegie libraries west to Colorado. Her fascination with the new land led her to settle in Colorado Springs in the mid 18th century where she remains until this day.

In 1915 she took praxis which she continues to hold. In that time she has battled Sabbat and purged the Anarchs. She is a strict ruler with little patience for the young and untraditional and she expects her city to be the same. Many are not welcome within her city and must pay dearly to use its resources which has caused complaint amongst the Anarchs of cities north and south of Colorado Springs.

In modern nights she continues her strict treatment against the Anarchs but has found a compromise with the Independent Alliance who have taken over small towns to the west of Colorado Springs. While there is stability within the city she has tired of her reign.

As of 2017 she has since retired her rule over Colorado Springs and has passed it on to her long time seneschal, T.S. Abrams. Anadia continues to influence the praxis as her wisdom and guidance is an asset to the new Prince. Her legacy with the Anarchs and the Independent Alliance remains today.

Since her abdication, she has had more time to focus on family and lineage.

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Lineage: House Llenyddiaethau

Lies, Conjecture and a Grain of Truth

  • Every year, on the observation of her death day, Anadia receives a book from each member of the house not in torpor. The custom was established over 600 years ago. It's one way she is reassured all is well, even if no other communication occurs during the year.
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Known Associates

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Quotes about Anadia Hughes

  • "Give her as much torment and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself. In her heart she boasts, ‘I sit enthroned as queen. I am not a widow; I will never mourn.’ " - Revelation 18:7
  • "What is there to be said of Elder Anadia Hughes, Queen of Colorado Springs, that I have not already said? I owe her a great deal - in many ways, she acted the sire more often than my own did. I am a Prince of the Camarilla because she groomed me as such, and I will not soon forget that." - T.S. Abrams
  • "What can I say about Anadia Hughes? She is a force that moves quietly through the room, a fire burning in her eyes betrays the passion hidden behind her noble demeanor. I am indebted for the joy of being her escort; but I wonder if I can make her blush ." - Christian Gerard Marceau
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