Anais Moreau

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Notable Traits: Dreadhawk and Valkyrie war paint; talented singer; Appearance Focus
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Daughter of Cacophony
Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed
Deceased as of June 23rd, 2018 at the Battle of Memphis
Born Anais Moreau, she always had an ear for music and the voice of an angel. She came from a wealthy family in France at the beginnings of the Victorian Era. The youngest of two girls, she was always the wild one, her sister Monique, having to fight constantly to keep her out of trouble. Once Anais grew up, things didn't change in that regard. Upon hearing that she was to be married to a wealthy Lord, she ran away to join the Theater and finally do what she loved, sing. Monique looked for her sister and finally found her after years of searching, upset that she left her but relieved that she was alive. There was something different about Monique though, something her sister couldn't place at first. One evening Monique brought with her a woman she had never seen before. She was the most beautiful woman, Anais had ever seen and when she opened her mouth, the words flowed like honey. Monique had wanted her strange new friend to listen to her sister sing. It was after this performance and in her small dressing room, that she finally discovered what she couldn't place before. The woman was a vampire and what was called a Daughter of Cacophony. Anais and her sister traveled with their new mother in a carnival. She would get the chance to perform for people all over the world. Some called her a freak but they all paid handsomely to listen to her dual voice; paying even more for the chance to spend the night with the songbird, as she would later be known. She had far more talents than just song. Eventually, her travels would introduce her to all sorts of people, people that she would eventually love and lose, though their memory was never truly lost to her.


"To love someone is to learn the song in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten it."

"Dancing is an art form which this one knows well..." - Morena Meyer

"Sweet Ruby. Chasing freedom and all the while getting more and more lost. Poor little lamb." - Reverend Gideon Haven

"A gentle heart is rare in this world of death. She has one, I do not." - Skoll

"I have always wondered what would compel a songbird to seek a cage, no matter how gilded it is." - Carden d'Vergobret

"And in her smile I see something more beautiful than the stars." - Tris

"The song may show a part of the singer, but the singer is more than their song. Why do people forget this when it comes to the Daughters?" - Gaius Aquillius

"What can I say? She's the one who recruited me into the Movement. I've never met a more dedicated, or more inspiring, person. If we all had half the passion she did, we'd be great." "She's a fair weather friend." - Spit

"She's a spitfire with the hair to match. Who doesn't love an awesome redhead?" - Sarah Celeste Ashwood

"Je suis impressionné par la force avec laquelle elle a attaché une corde rouge autour de son petit doigt. Elle a la patience d'une sainte et la conviction d'une martyre. Peu de gens comprennent le sacrifice comme elle." - Ludovic Pétion

"The words I have to describe accurately what Ruby is to me are numerous and it would take an age to use them all. What I will say is that Ruby to me is like the moon and the stars. Without them my nights would be empty, alone, and meaningless." - Zed

"Well... She certainly knows how to make a joke and is really useful to this whole new nonlife I've got. I suppose she's like awesome stepmom? Right, Pops? - Georgina Mason


*Arrows have been found left as a warning when someone threatens Ruby openly.

*Straight razors are her calling card, not arrows.

*She wanted to embrace Spit, but he was poached. He wasn't that great of a singer anyway.

*She left the Movement and it was all over a lover.




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