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Name: Analiese

Supernatural Type: Vampire

Union: Entertainer

Chartered Company: VX Resort

Notable Traits:


Friends and Associates


  • "She has the ability to be quite stunning. You should hope that if she turns her attention to you, that it is for a benign reason." - Aiden
  • "She makes for a wonderful adventure. Do you know, I believe THAT'S the delightful entertainment she provides as a Solista. THAT'S how bloody well entertaining the lovely young dear is." - Lt. Com. Winchester(Ret.)
  • "The desire to gather power flows from my veins to hers. But the skill in which she gathers and wields it? That is all hers." - Nour
  • "That sweet woman! She is such a delight and pleasure to work with. Both skilled, intelligent, and gorgeous-- wait, that's three things. Oops. In any regard, she's certainly fun to be around." - Gretchen Salt
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OOC Information

Player: Jeannie Starcher

Player Email:

Storyteller: Kyle B.

Storyteller Email:

Location: Austin, TX