Anastasia (Anna) of Clan Brujah

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Anastasia (Anna)
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Name:Anastasia (Anna)



Anastasia is a 12th Generation Brujah, embraced in the summer of 2019. After basically growing up in a ghoul fighting ring and spending over a hundred years there Anna is against having ghouls for your own sake. He spent several months in the Camarilla ghouled to Yvette Hightower, here she found her first taste of something that resembled freedom. As a vampire her unlife has started and stayed pretty turbulent so far. After losing Yvette Hightower, in the Summer she was Captured by the UBB, embraced as a Brujah and dumped in Seattle. There she was found by Several locals including Jo, Jentry, and Avery. Shortly after Avery delivered Anna back to Vancouver and Leo, her now adopted sire, she came back to live there as well. Just after Anna was released from accounting in December of 2019 Leo went missing and has yet to be found. .

Further Information
Notable Traits
  • Red cat like eyes (Erie presence)

Known Timeline

December 1902 - Anna is born
Early 1915 - family is killed and Anna is kidnapped and turned into an Assumite Ghoul
1922 - Anna is taken off vampire blood for a short time to allow her to age to appropriate age as to not get the vampires in trouble should anyone find out.
1922 – 2019 - Anna was traded many times and visits several different ghoul fight rings before landing in Vancouver
January 2019 – Anna is moved to Vancouver
End of May 2019 - Anna is bought by Yvette Hightower an Ishtari and brought to the Camarilla
July 2019 – Yvette Hightower is killed
August 7, 2019 - Anna is kidnapped by the UBB
Early August 2019 – Embraced
December 7, 2019 – Anna is unofficially acknowledged into the Camarilla
January 2019 – Anna’s adopted Sire, Leo, goes missing

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Out of Character